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Story of My Life (Reader’s Digest Version)

Oh me, oh my, inspiration’s run dry!

Perhaps I need a little shut eye…

Funny pencil sketch of cartoon boy emerging from the center of a sheet of paper

To refresh my views and start anew,

(Who wouldn’t be inspired by that view!)

Funny cartoon of old woman watching youth walk by

Cartooning’s a process like any other,

(Do it right and you’ll impress your mother.)

Once you’re hooked you’ll be in deep,

So consider carefully before you leap!


Funny cartoon of young boy diving into shallow pool


  1. Sharon Miranda says

    Oh you’ve impressed your mother ever since you pooped in the potty🤭🤪!

    • Joana says

      Thanks, my dear! The current story of my life seems to be that I owe you an email. And I look forward to writing you back soon because like my mom, you’re one of the few people who regularly keeps in touch. xox – Joana

  2. Lewis Rosove says

    In order of the cartoons:
    Get the lead out (or “erase” against time
    One good turn deserves another
    Look before you leap

    • Joana says

      Brilliant as always, Lewis! (I especially like the “erase” against time pun.:-) When did you get so punny? I remember your puns from my MSO days – a lifetime ago – so maybe you were just born punny? 😉 Joana

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