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My Favorite Things – The Art of Healthy Living

One of the biggest problems I have as both a musician and artist is suffering from extremely dry skin on my hands.  Besides the obvious – it’s winter and the humidity has been extremely low – my hands tend to get very cracked and dry because I have to wash them so frequently. (I need clean, non-greasy hands to play my instrument AND to create my whimsical illustrations and cartoons.)  Unfortunately, most “non-greasy” moisturizers leave my hands feeling still too oily when it comes to picking up the viola or working with a clean sheet of paper.

That said, after reviewing this short hyperlapse video on my Instagram account a few days ago, I was rather shocked with how old, crepe-y and ugly my hands looked. 

So I ran out to Sephora today to pick up a few of my old favorites by First Aid Beauty.  The FAB product line is all-natural and is formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or artificial fragrances.

I intended to just get the face wash and moisturizer, but decided to splurge and try their newest product, Ultra Repair Cannabis & Oat Dry Oil, as well.  While I haven’t yet tried it on my face, just a few drops on my hands made a huge difference and left me feeling like this (the BIG “plus” was that I felt no need to wash my hands before drawing this little cartoon!)…


In case you’re wondering, I’ve used First Aid Beauty products off and on for quite a few years and have always loved them.  But since the products aren’t cheap, I usually ask for them as a Christmas or birthday gift; once they’ve run out, I tend to return to drugstore or health food store buys. With my advancing decrepitude, I’m beginning to think these products will be a necessity!

If you’re an artist or musician, I highly recommend you give First Aid Beauty a try.  Happy creating!

Photo of whimsical cartoon with First Aid beauty products




    • Joana says

      Hi Meh-meh,

      I sent Pa some of the First Aid hand creme when he was having to sanitize his hands constantly for the dialysis. It’s good stuff. I’m also liking the idea of the Cannibis/Oat dry oil. I don’t know if the cannibis is really responsible for anything, but I like the idea of having “stress-free” skin…maybe it will soak into my brain and make me more mellow, too. Hee-hee! I lurve you! J

  1. I will try that! Here’s something else to consider. I make my own salt oil scrub. Doesn’t need to be fancy. I use cheap salt, walnut or olive oil for the carrier oil, and any essential oil, such as lavender. Pour some oil into a coffee mug, add some carrier oil (how much is up to you; it can be gooey or on the dry side) then add however many drops you want of essential oil (which need not be of the highest quality; some middling quality will do). Wash hands with this as many times per day as you want. At bedtime, I follow it with Working Hands, a glycerin preparation, and then a lotion.

    • Joana says

      Hi Helen,

      I like your idea of a homemade salt scrub. (I did try making my own deodorant last year, but eventually gave up on it and found a Tom’s of Maine that works for me.) I think I’ll do your salt scrub when the weather gets a little more humid and my hands are completely healed. Right now I still have cracks (wounds) in the sides of several of my fingers from the dryness. The thought of rubbing salt into the wounds is a little scary. I will check out Working Hands, too. Thanks for that recommendation! I hope you have a fabulous weekend! xox – Joana

      • Working Hands is a product that David Taggart turned everyone on to, and Erin actually did a video testimonial for it! Erin even uses it before playing viola. To me it feels a little weird, so I use it with a lotion. Tomorrow is our last day in Switzerland, then the long haul home……

        • Joana says

          Hi Helen,

          I’ll have to check out Working Hands. I bet I’d still need to wash it off before I play…I guess I must be a bit OCD about clean hands/viola playing. I didn’t realize you were writing from Switzerland! Hope you had a fabulous trip!!! xox – Joana

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