It all started when…

I fell in love.

JMSC-042 L'amour cartoon for blog

Quite literally –  I designed my own engagement ring and realized then just how much I loved designing.  This site was started a short time later to provide me with a public forum where I could post my designs, talk about the design process, and share where I found my inspiration.   At the time, I was focused solely on jewelry design.  In short order, I found myself juggling a career as a professional orchestra musician (I’m a violist) with work as a Design Associate for a custom jeweler in Milwaukee, WI.

Like all creative endeavors, my designing evolved.  I wanted everyone to be able to purchase and enjoy my designs, not just those who could afford the high price-tag of a finished piece of jewelry.  And, a life-changing move helped push me along both geographically and into a broader design and illustration market.


My husband and I live in Manhattan where I split my time between musical freelancing and creating my whimsical cartoons and illustrations.  In my free time, I travel around the city with my camera seeking inspiration and documenting the beauty I see around me.

My Mission?

To leave the world a slightly better place (and, if I make you laugh a little along the way, that’s fine, too!)

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