Friday’s Thought – On Childhood

Girl in Red on the stairs in Montmartre

“Childhood means simplicity.  Look at the world with the child’s eye – it is very beautiful”

(Kailash Satyarthi)


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My Favorite Things – Windows to the Soul

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then windows speak volumes about the character and soul of a city.  At least, that’s what I found in my recent trip to Paris!

Here’s just a sampling of the beautiful windows I saw on my visit…

Flower boxes in the 6th Arr

Red geraniums in Paris



Porthole window

Near the Palais Garnier

Pink geraniums in the Latin Quarter

Ornate lantern on the Champs Elysees

Pretty balconies in Montmartre

Off the Champs Elysees

Colorful window boxes in Montmartre

Montmartre windows


Hydrangeas near the Jardin de Luxembourg

Near Les Halles 2

Lace curtained window in Montmartre

Flower pots in Montmartre

Green shutter and red geraniums in Montmartre



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My Life as a Cartoon (Through the Haze)

Cafe Bel Air for blog3


July 5, 2016 · 9:19 pm

Happy July 4th!

A few funnies for you – the product of a quiet but extremely pleasant afternoon spent people watching from our balcony.

July 4th His Style with text

Fourth of July Fashionista


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From My Sketchbook – The Good, the Bad and the Smokey

There was so much about my recent trip to Paris that was wonderful.  Unexpectedly, my time spent sightseeing alone each day was partly what made the trip so memorable.

En Paris

As I explored the different Arrondisements, it didn’t matter if I stopped every five feet to snap a picture, decided to veer off my charted course to wander down an interesting side street, or found myself lost and had to retrace my steps.  When my feet got tired or I got hungry, I stopped to rest or to eat; and at the end of the day I always had adventures to report back to my husband.

My sketch book was always handy, and since Paris is a city for people watching my cafe breaks provided the perfect opportunity to try and capture the expressions and spirit of those around me.

cartoon head illustration studies

Quick sketch of cheerful middle aged man

In short, I would say that my entire trip was trés parfait except for one little thing.  Everyone (or so it seems) in Paris smokes – and I’m not referring to the occasional social cigarette.  Parisians seem to be heavy weight champions in the sport of chain smoking.  Sitting in the those wonderful outdoor cafes means you’re liable to be served up a side of cancer along with your Chèvre.

Quick sketch of Parisian girl smoking

C’est domage, but maybe by the next time I visit that will have changed.  Here’s hoping…









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Friday’s Thought – On The Joys of Solitude

solitary park bench in Paris

What a lovely surprise to finally discover how unlonely being alone can be.

(Ellen Burstyn)


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My Favorite Things – The Parisian Aesthetic Rubs Off On Me

Although I had to say goodbye to Paris early yesterday morning, I feel like a good dose of the Parisian aesthetic came home with me.  To clarify, I didn’t buy any souvenirs (aside from the food I ate, my only other purchases were two postcards!); however, the constant people watching and sight-seeing was like a crash course in good taste.

To begin with, Parisians seem to have a love affair with good food made from good quality ingredients.

Wouldn’t you be inspired to eat well if your supermarket veggie display looked like this?

Beautiful veggie display in the St. Germaine area

beautiful assortment of veggies

So when I arrived home yesterday afternoon, one of the first things I did was to head over to Whole Foods to purchase some zucchini, tomatoes and pesto for a healthy dinner of Pesto “Zoodles” with cherry tomatoes.   Eaten al fresco on our patio, I could almost pretend that I was back in Paris!

Today, I spent much of the day finding things in the apartment to give away.  Paring down seems somehow very Parisian.  My goal is not only to de-clutter (an ongoing task when you live in a New York apartment) but I’m also eager to make sure I’m surrounded by only pretty things.  And to that end, I went out and bought myself a bouquet of flowers for the bedroom.

Could this have been my inspiration?

Assorted roses in a flower shop display in Paris

Flower shop display in Paris

Bien sûr!


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