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My Favorite Things – Making Good Progress on an Illustration

Lately I’ve been throwing caution to the wind (or at least trying to!) and have been drawing my illustrations directly in India ink with a bamboo quill sketching pen.  The idea is to go with the flow, literally, and let the pen and its somewhat unpredictable lines direct the outcome of the illustration.

Last night this windswept girl emerged.

Windswept Girl

When I went to bed, I wasn’t quite sure exactly where she was going (or coming from) but today I had a better idea and with my Aquash water brush laid out a suggestion of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline in the background.

Windswept Girl 2

The addition of a lamp post and the darkening of some of the points of interest has now brought the illustration to this point.

Windswept Girl 3

What’s next?  Well, first a Wicked performance tonight, but hopefully when I return to my drafting table tomorrow I’ll be in the right frame of mind to add the appropriate touches of color!  Stay tuned…



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New Illustration From Joana Miranda Studio Is Turning Heads…

She's All That cropped for blog

And you can pick up your own copy here!

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Going Retro…New Whimsical Marker and Ink Illustration from Joana Miranda Studio

Yes, my latest illustration just happens to have a retro vibe…

Playful polka final for blog

Not only did this illustration “flow”, but I’m happy to say that I own this EXACT outfit (and plan to wear it to a fancy schmancy New York City Ballet event soon.)  Heck, I like the outfit so much, I’m going to need lots more fun functions for it.  Dinner out anyone?

P.S. The note card version is now available in my shop at Etsy.


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ON SALE! (Limited Availability)

For some odd reason, in the first few weeks after the new year I tend to have no problem remembering to write “2015” on my checks and correspondence; however, come right about now, I usually lapse into writing “2014”…and sometimes even worse (a few years ago, I wrote 1987!)  To aid my addled brain, I have a desk calendar right near my computer, and a wall calendar – ahem, the Joana Miranda Studio 2015 Calendar – hanging above my drafting table.   So far, I haven’t lapsed.  Fingers crossed…

In case you’re in need of similar aid, I’m happy to announce that I have a limited number of Joana Miranda Studio 2015 Calendars still available, AND they’re currently on sale for a mere $18  $12.50!  Whoowee!  Now that’s a bargain!

New Year's girl with calendar mockup

Hop on over to my shop at Etsy to snatch up yours today…

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Ringing in the New Year in Style? My Latest Fashionista Sketch Takes Life

Since Josephine’s last appearance here was on December 21st, you may well be wondering what she’s been up to!  The truth is that she’s been tapping her (high) heels at me in frustration since my attention has been elsewhere – namely, “Nutting” (my 29th Nutcracker show of the season was yesterday…and I still have 5 to go!) and Illustrating!

Yes, sometimes Josephine has to take a back seat to other fashionista lovelies.  In this case, my client has commissioned 5 fashionista illustrations, and I’m having a ball working on them.  When they are finished and up on her site, I’ll be sure to post a link.

But there’s still hope for Josephine.  And if there’s time, I may just be able to help her get ready for her New Year’s Eve bash tomorrow night…

2014 Fashionista

I hope you’ll be celebrating, too!


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My Favorite Things – Making Progress at the Drafting Table

I’ve had limited time these past weeks for regular work on my illustrations.  Therefore, when I do get a chunk of time – like I did yesterday – I feel like an addict making up for lost time.  Top of my list recently has been a new “head-shot” for Josephine.  I struggled this week with various looks and angles…only to find that, in the end, the problem was  too many angles!  In each of the versions I created, Josephine looked stiff, over-worked, and (gasp!) old.  Yesterday as I scratched my brain in frustration and pondered the next step, something clicked…or loosened up…or, whatever.

draft table collage

And a pondering, but still sassy, Josephine emerged.

Josephine ponders blog


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An Illustration in Process (Step 2)

This past week I was caught up in a whirlwind of work – this time music related. Six performances (4 different programs), 2 rehearsals, and 3 students later, I’m ready to see the work week end!  But before I curl up on the couch with my husband, a movie, and some chewy candy, I’m posting the newly outlined (and fleshed out) version of the sketch I posted on Monday.  The next step will be the coloring…a step I’ve really come to look forward to ever since I got my new Copic Sketch markers.

Caution to the Wind

I’m still mulling over the greeting.  But perhaps that will work itself out after I’ve had a little more sleep!  Stay tuned…

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