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A Design a Day – Day 190

I’ve got rings on my brain a lot these days.  I’m currently designing engagement rings for a client, as well as doing a cocktail-style ring design for a fine jeweler in New York city. This ring emerged from my pencils quite easily this evening after I had spent a large chunk of the afternoon on the other projects.  Perhaps it is the 10,000 hours rule (it takes at least 10,000 hours practice to become really good at something), or perhaps it was the Triscuits and nuts I ate for a snack just before I sat down to do this post: In any case, I could see this being my next engagement ring… (Not that I’m getting engaged again any time soon!  My husband is a keeper.)

Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands; A Look at Innovative Pairings

I was contacted recently by a custom jeweler/designer colleague who wondered if I had any design ideas for ways to deal with creating a wedding band to pair with a previously purchased engagement ring that has an unusual side profile.  As this jeweler pointed out, it is tiresome to have to make weird-shaped wedding bands to fit around an engagement ring.  As Design Associate for David Liska Custom Jeweler, I saw the creation of quite a few extraordinary engagement rings.  Because of the elaborate nature of these rings and their cost, the bride-to-be sometimes chose not to have a matching band created.   This is certainly one option to consider.  Sometimes the engagement ring is so spectacular that anything next to it would be “gilding the lily”.   A good example is this ring design I posted recently in my A Design A Day – Day 28 blog post: Because of the bypass ring design, fitting a wedding band to this ring would be problematic.  Also, I think that adding more metal to the bottom or top …