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Happy Thanksgiving from Joana Miranda Studio

To all my loyal fans and followers, a heartfelt thanks for your friendship and support!

(P.S.  In token of my appreciation, I’m offering 15% off everything in my shop now through December 1st.)

Happy shopping!



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New Cartoon Illustration from Joana Miranda Studio

I confess I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with cats.  I absolutely adore kitties, but somehow adult cats and I don’t always see eye-to-eye.  Another life skills area to work on, I guess.  (Trying to see eye-to-eye with cats in my illustrations might just be the first step in my rehabilitation!)

(P.S.  To see more details about this illustration and to purchase, please click here.)


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My Favorite Things – Making Variety the Spice of Life


Seven years ago when I left my job at the Milwaukee Symphony to follow my husband in his new job in New York City, I was full of anxiety.  Foremost in my thoughts was of course…

How will I make a living? 

And that thought was quickly followed by this one…

If I go back to musical freelancing after having played as a member of an orchestra for 10 years, I’ll feel like a failure.

Fortunately, life intervened.  Freelancing became the ONLY option, and I quickly learned that it was not only the best way for me to pay my share of the rent, but also exactly what I needed to be doing in order to feel challenged, stimulated AND happy!  Go figure. 

So while I’m not writing this post to suggest that you all take up the viola and move to New York City to join the musical freelance scene, I do want to suggest the following:

  • Go ahead and step out of your comfort zone.  You might find that the areas outside your comfort zone provide new perspective and tremendous opportunities for growth.
  • Pursue your outside interests.  Illustration and music might not seem like they have much in common, but my two passions feed each other and help to give me needed perspective when the going gets tough.
  • Volunteer your time.  There is nothing that will make you feel more worthwhile, plus you might discover even more interests in the process!  In the past four years, I have volunteered on 38 New York Cares projects around the city.  Those 74 hours have put me in contact with other dedicated volunteers and expanded my horizons.  Through volunteering, I’ve gotten to know many more neighborhoods in the city, and the interactions with the people I’ve helped have made the city seem like a lovely small town.

How about you?  What fears will you face today?


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Funny Chef Cartoon Wall Art from Joana Miranda Studio

‘Tis the season for cooking…and, maybe overeating, too? This cooking demo cartoon print is sure to delight chefs, or the gourmand in your life. The illustration is perfect kitchen wall decor, or, if you’re so lucky as to have a pantry, hang it there.

(To see a larger image and for more info, please click here.)

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It’s Here!

I’m happy to announce that the 2018 Joana Miranda Studio Cartoon Calendar is now available for sale in my shop at Etsy.

The spiral-bound, 8.5 x 11 wall calendar features 13 of my brand new, previously unpublished cartoons.  That’s a baker’s dozen of laughs – and God knows we all need at least that many laughs to get through the year!  Each cartoon is printed on glossy card stock.  The calendar grid pages have a matte finish making it easy to add birthdays, reminders and other notes on the appropriate days.

Buy one for your sweetie, your parents, or for your friends …and don’t forget to reserve one for yourself!

The calendars come wrapped in an archival plastic sleeve adorned with a pink ribbon.  It’s a gift that will keep giving throughout the year…

(P.S.  Quantities are limited, so don’t delay.  If the calendar lists as “Sold Out” in my Etsy shop, please email me at so that I can check my stock and relist the calendar.)


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My Favorite Things – Embracing My Inner Earth Mother

When it comes global warming, I wish we could get past the arguments over whether or not it’s man-generated and instead focus on ways to care for our planet.  I certainly haven’t been an earth-mother, granola type in the past, but with the string of warm winters and this unusually warm fall (which I’ve been told is NOT related to global warming per se…whatever!), I’ve begun focusing on my own little carbon footprint and how I can minimize it.

Here’s what I’m doing these days:

  1. We have a nice collection of tote bags (in fact, I even designed a few of them – take a look here) and I take the bags with me whenever I do the food shopping so that we save on paper.
  2. I compost all of our non-dairy, non-meat food scraps.  Since we live in an apartment, I keep the scraps in a bag in the freezer until I can take them to the farmer’s market composting bins.  Not only am I doing something good for the earth, but our regular garbage is a lot less smelly.
  3. I turn off the water when I’m soaping up and shaving in the shower (no earth-mother hairy legs for me, thank you very much!) I figure I save quite a few gallons of water, plus it’s nice to enjoy the sensation of being covered in soap lather.
  4. We recycle our paper, plastic and metal.  In our building, it couldn’t be easier.  We just have to walk down the hall to the compost room and put the items in the appropriate bins.  Amazingly, there are people in our building who put old clothing into the paper bin, and dead flowers into the metal/plastic bin.  I’d love to recycle those neighbors, too, but usually I take the time to resort the items into the appropriate bins.  Someone has to do it, and the maintenance men sure deserve a break every once in a while!
  5. Being New Yorkers, we take public transportation all the time.  I love walking, so when I’m away from New York, if I can walk somewhere instead of driving, I’ll opt for that option.  It’s better for the environment, it’s healthier and some of my best ideas come to me when I’m outdoors walking!

How about you?  Do you have any green, earth-friendly tips in your routine to share?  I’d love to hear!


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Friday’s Thought – Sweetly Said

“Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one’s bath like a lump of sugar.”

(Pablo Picasso)

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