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The Fine Art of Lounging…

Lazy Days with text watermarked



June 4, 2016 · 10:47 pm

The Concert


Once in a Blue Moon Final for blog
Every once in a while (and with inimitable style),

she was over the moon because she got the tune.


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My Favorite Things – Working from a Happy Place

Namely, my drafting table!  Since “free time” for drawing has been in such short supply this past month, it was with great pleasure that I sat down to work on some “head shots” today.

The subject?  

Three cartoon head shots

I call her Josephine.

(But she does bear a marked resemblance to me – that is, when I’ve bothered to get out of my sweatpants, put on makeup and style my hair!)


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Happy New Year from Joana Miranda Studio

Happy New Year 2015-16 cropped for blog

Wishing you a fresh and joyful start to the new year.  May 2016 bring you happiness and good times!


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Keep Calm and…Vacuum?

I figure if you have to do it, you might as well have a sense of humor about it!

Someone's Gotta Do It Girl cropped for blog

Truth be told, I actually find vacuuming to be calming.  Who knew?

(P.S.  This illustration is now available in my shop at Etsy.)

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ON SALE! (Limited Availability)

For some odd reason, in the first few weeks after the new year I tend to have no problem remembering to write “2015” on my checks and correspondence; however, come right about now, I usually lapse into writing “2014”…and sometimes even worse (a few years ago, I wrote 1987!)  To aid my addled brain, I have a desk calendar right near my computer, and a wall calendar – ahem, the Joana Miranda Studio 2015 Calendar – hanging above my drafting table.   So far, I haven’t lapsed.  Fingers crossed…

In case you’re in need of similar aid, I’m happy to announce that I have a limited number of Joana Miranda Studio 2015 Calendars still available, AND they’re currently on sale for a mere $18  $12.50!  Whoowee!  Now that’s a bargain!

New Year's girl with calendar mockup

Hop on over to my shop at Etsy to snatch up yours today…

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I’m Back (Josephine is, that is!)

It’s been a while – too long – since I’ve had a chance to sit down and create one of my “Josephine” fashion-inspired illustrations.  This one is still technically in progress (she needs some atmosphere, after all) but I’m pretty excited about where she’s headed so far.

New Thank You illustration

With any luck the finished illustration will be posted here tomorrow!

Stay tuned…

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