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My Favorite Things – Spring Fling (A New Hyperlapse Drawing Video)

Photo of Spring Fling cartoon drawing by Joana Miranda

With warmer weather upon us, I'm loving that I get to shed some of my winter layers. This whimsical cartoon doodle was inspired by the arrival of spring!

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My Favorite Things – The Art of Healthy Living

Photo of whimsical cartoon with First Aid beauty products

One of the biggest problems I have as both a musician and artist is suffering from extremely dry skin on my hands.  Besides the obvious – it’s winter and the humidity has been extremely low – my hands tend to get very cracked and dry because I have to wash them so frequently. (I need clean, non-greasy hands to play my instrument AND to create my whimsical illustrations and cartoons.)  Unfortunately, most “non-greasy” moisturizers leave my hands feeling still too oily when it comes to picking up the viola or working with a clean sheet of paper.

That said, after reviewing this short hyperlapse video on my Instagram account a few days ago, I was rather shocked with how old, crepe-y and ugly my hands looked.

So I ran out to Sephora today to pick up a few of my old favorites by First Aid Beauty.  The FAB product line is all-natural and is formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or artificial fragrances.

I intended to just get the face wash and moisturizer, but decided to splurge and try their newest product, Ultra Repair Cannabis & Oat Dry Oil, as well.  While I haven’t yet tried it on my face, just a few drops on my hands made a huge difference and left me feeling like this (the BIG “plus” was that I felt no need to wash my hands before drawing this little cartoon!)…

In case you’re wondering, I’ve used First Aid Beauty products off and on for quite a few years and have always loved them.  But since the products aren’t cheap, I usually ask for them as a Christmas or birthday gift; once they’ve run out, I tend to return to drugstore or health food store buys. With my advancing decrepitude, I’m beginning to think these products will be a necessity!

If you’re an artist or musician, I highly recommend you give First Aid Beauty a try.  Happy creating!

Photo of whimsical cartoon with First Aid beauty products

My Favorite Things – Variety is the Spice of Life

My Favorite Things - Variety is the Spice of Life
(Especially when you get to exchange playing a fun show on Broadway for a night of classical "rock and roll" at the ballet!)

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