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My Favorite Things – Early Fall in Central Park

Actually, I should preface this post to say that my favorite thing of late is just getting a free hour to walk outside with my camera!  With the New York City Ballet fall season well underway, there’s been little time for anything but practicing, rehearsing and performing.  But today I DID get a free hour and the weather just happened to be sublime.  Fall is only just beginning here, but even so the light is starting to change and a few leaves are following suit as well.

Here’s what I saw on my walk…








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My Favorite Things – My Ever-Growing Stable of Cartoon Characters

Because they seem to keep flowing out of my pen in all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities (and even species!) and aren’t showing any signs of stopping!

Each of the characters below could star in their own cartoon short.  











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My Favorite Things – Late August in the Conservatory Garden

On my walk today I headed over to Central Park’s Conservatory Garden.  The roses are pretty much over, and while the mums have been planted, they won’t be blooming for a few weeks.   But there are still plenty of other summer beauties.  Here’s what caught my eye:

A lavender striped dahlia…

pink dahlia

A monarch butterfly…

Monarch butterfly

A red dahlia…

red dahlia

And a fuchsia dahlia…

fuschia dahlia

Lilies in the lily pond…

Lily and lily pad

And a chirping squirrel high up in the tree above.

Squirrel in a tree


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My Favorite Things – Decompressing in New Hampshire

After almost non-stop spring and summer work interspersed with a move and international travel, it’s been REALLY nice to decompress this week at my mom’s lakeside cabin in New Hampshire.  Meal times are a highlight of each day and our entertainment consists of simple pleasures like loon-watching, berry picking, swimming, sitting on the dock and playing board games.

Here’s a snap-shot of our day so far:

Loon-spotting on the dock this morning…

Loon on Goose Pond

Was followed by a stroll through my mom’s garden!

bees on the daisies

Then we were off to pick fresh raspberries…


And blueberries!

pick your own blueberries

blueberries on the bush

Back at home in time for lunch with our loot…

fresh picked berries

What could be better?


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My Favorite Things – Windows to the Soul

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then windows speak volumes about the character and soul of a city.  At least, that’s what I found in my recent trip to Paris!

Here’s just a sampling of the beautiful windows I saw on my visit…

Flower boxes in the 6th Arr

Red geraniums in Paris



Porthole window

Near the Palais Garnier

Pink geraniums in the Latin Quarter

Ornate lantern on the Champs Elysees

Pretty balconies in Montmartre

Off the Champs Elysees

Colorful window boxes in Montmartre

Montmartre windows


Hydrangeas near the Jardin de Luxembourg

Near Les Halles 2

Lace curtained window in Montmartre

Flower pots in Montmartre

Green shutter and red geraniums in Montmartre



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My Favorite Things – The Parisian Aesthetic Rubs Off On Me

Although I had to say goodbye to Paris early yesterday morning, I feel like a good dose of the Parisian aesthetic came home with me.  To clarify, I didn’t buy any souvenirs (aside from the food I ate, my only other purchases were two postcards!); however, the constant people watching and sight-seeing was like a crash course in good taste.

To begin with, Parisians seem to have a love affair with good food made from good quality ingredients.

Wouldn’t you be inspired to eat well if your supermarket veggie display looked like this?

Beautiful veggie display in the St. Germaine area

beautiful assortment of veggies

So when I arrived home yesterday afternoon, one of the first things I did was to head over to Whole Foods to purchase some zucchini, tomatoes and pesto for a healthy dinner of Pesto “Zoodles” with cherry tomatoes.   Eaten al fresco on our patio, I could almost pretend that I was back in Paris!

Today, I spent much of the day finding things in the apartment to give away.  Paring down seems somehow very Parisian.  My goal is not only to de-clutter (an ongoing task when you live in a New York apartment) but I’m also eager to make sure I’m surrounded by only pretty things.  And to that end, I went out and bought myself a bouquet of flowers for the bedroom.

Could this have been my inspiration?

Assorted roses in a flower shop display in Paris

Flower shop display in Paris

Bien sûr!


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My Favorite Things – Postcards from Paris

Paris through an arch

Bonjour from the land of croissants, berets and haute cuisine!  I’ve only been here a day, but so far Paris hasn’t disappointed.  Today, after leaving my husband at the Théâtre du Châtelet where the New York City Ballet will be performing for the next three weeks, I meandered over the Pont Neuf winding past the Sorbonne into the Latin Quarter of the city.  My destination was the food vendors along Rue Mouffetard.  Although I passed cheese, chocolate and Gelato shops to die for, a small unassuming creperie called Chez Nicos caught my attention.  I ordered a ham and cheese crepe along with the fixin’s (lettuce, onions and tomato.)  Not only was the chef gracious with my halting French, but he even took my wallet and zipped the change back into it for me so I could concentrate on more important things (like holding the beautiful crepe in my hand!)

And how was it?

Très délicieux!

As you can tell, my attention was also taken with Paris’ lovely balconies…

Paris window boxes

Paris Angels
Modern building in Paris with pretty window box

Charming cafes…

Typical corner building in Paris

Corner restaurant cafe in the Latin Quarter

Pretty cafe in the Latin Quarter

And beautiful lanterns.

On the left bank2

The Louvre

Paris archictecture and statue

On the left bank

Paris lampposts


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