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Friday’s Thought – A Good Day’s Work

“Derive happiness in oneself from a good day’s work, from illuminating the fog that surrounds us.”

(Henri Matisse)


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From My Sketchbook – Rhymes and Doodles


He was just another chap,

Who was sporting a NY cap.

But his lips caught my eye,

‘Cause they were lush for a guy.


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My Favorite Things – The Healing Power of Being Outdoors

Ironically, as I’ve struggled over the past 6 weeks with health issues and anxiety, I’ve stopped doing some of the very things that make me the most happy and healthy.  Today I took an important step by, well…stepping outside.  And of course, I made sure to bring along my camera. (Note to self – stopping to take pictures of beautiful things is one of the best ways to be mindful and in the moment.)

Here’s what caught my eye…

Happy Thursday!


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Biding My Time on the Lower East Side

I’ve had occasion this past week to spend time on the lower East Side.   It’s not a neighborhood I know well, so I’m glad I remembered to bring along my camera.  (How cool to still be discovering new things in my hometown!)

Here’s what caught my eye today…


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Friday’s Thought – On Solitude

“In solitude the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself.”

(Laurence Sterne)


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Friday’s Thought – Snow Days

“A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky, unbidden, and seems like a thing of wonder.”

(Susan Orlean)

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Happy New Year from Joana Miranda Studio

May 2018 bring adventure, happiness and much laughter your way!


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