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My Favorite Things – After the Snow

After winter storm Jonas, Central Park took on an almost carnival air with seemingly all of New York City out enjoying the snow. But today as I walked home, the paths were mostly dry and clear, and except for the occasional jogger, I had the park to myself.   The air was clean and crisp – perfectly refreshing and conducive to feeling in the moment.  (To be honest, I thought I might have even spied Buddha.) Tomorrow’s warm forecast will probably melt the rest of the snow.  I’ll be sad to see these creatures go… Bye!

Joana Miranda Studio 2016 Calendar Now Available!

I’m delighted to announce that the 2016 Joana Miranda Studio Calendar is now available in my shop at Etsy. The calendar features 13 brand new illustrations.  Each illustration is whimsically stylish and fun.  Here’s a snap-shot of what you’ll find inside: At only $18 (shipping and tax – where applicable – not included) you can buy one as a gift and pick up another for yourself!  Just saying… Click here to purchase!

My Favorite Things – The Wonderful Illustrated World of Izak Zenou

I’ve been a fan of Izak Zenou’s illustrations ever since I moved to the Big Apple.  His work is an inspiration to me for its chic, yet cheerful and fun vibe.  The illustrations look effortless and always capture lively movement.  And I love that his girls are often in recognizable New York settings. Lately, I’ve even taken my hero worship a step further and have tried my hand at creating my drawings, a lá Izak, with ink and a bamboo reed pen. The beauty of drawing in ink and with a somewhat unpredictable implement like a bamboo reed is that each illustration is unique.  Furthermore, imperfections can become inspiration for the direction the illustration takes.  (Needless to say, no two illustrators will use the pens the same way!) As a “cyber disciple” of Izak’s, I was super excited to learn that this year’s Henri Bendel holiday windows not only feature Izak’s work – a collaboration that has spanned 20 years – but that the entire store has been fashioned as a retrospective of his work. …

Humble Correction to a Previous Post

In an earlier version of tonight’s post about my recent experience performing as part of Andrea Bocelli’ 2013 tour, I posted a quote by Edward R. Murrow.  I was thinking that we as performers become part of a spectacle, working without a net as it were, much like circus performers.  But after publishing the post, I realized that the quote could also be construed in a derogatory light, which was never my intention.  I’ve since deleted that post, and replaced it with the current one entitled On Perseverance.  Please accept my humble apology. Joana