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My Favorite Things – Postcards from Paris

Paris through an arch

Bonjour from the land of croissants, berets and haute cuisine!  I’ve only been here a day, but so far Paris hasn’t disappointed.  Today, after leaving my husband at the Théâtre du Châtelet where the New York City Ballet will be performing for the next three weeks, I meandered over the Pont Neuf winding past the Sorbonne into the Latin Quarter of the city.  My destination was the food vendors along Rue Mouffetard.  Although I passed cheese, chocolate and Gelato shops to die for, a small unassuming creperie called Chez Nicos caught my attention.  I ordered a ham and cheese crepe along with the fixin’s (lettuce, onions and tomato.)  Not only was the chef gracious with my halting French, but he even took my wallet and zipped the change back into it for me so I could concentrate on more important things (like holding the beautiful crepe in my hand!)

And how was it?

Très délicieux!

As you can tell, my attention was also taken with Paris’ lovely balconies…

Paris window boxes

Paris Angels
Modern building in Paris with pretty window box

Charming cafes…

Typical corner building in Paris

Corner restaurant cafe in the Latin Quarter

Pretty cafe in the Latin Quarter

And beautiful lanterns.

On the left bank2

The Louvre

Paris archictecture and statue

On the left bank

Paris lampposts



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My Favorite Things – Holiday Decorations in the Big Apple

New York City may not be known as the “City of Light”, but around this time of year it certainly comes in a close second in my book!

Feast your eyes:

On the windows at the Park Plaza Hotel

Holiday window at the Plaza Hotel in NYC

The larger than life “diamonds” adorning Harry Winston’s

Harry Winston closeup lit up for Christmas

(Because when it comes to diamonds, size DOES matter!)

Avenues of enchanted trees…

Holiday Lights in Midtown

 And even a cheery dinosaur outside the Museum of Natural History!

Christmas dinosaur at Museum of Natural History

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