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A Design a Day – Day 361 (Going with the Flow)

This rendering isn’t perfect (none of my renderings are!), but I had fun letting my imagination wander, and I enjoyed pairing unusual stone cuts and colors in this pendant design:

Watercolor and Gouache Multi-Colored Gemstone Pendant Rendering on Vellum Paper by Joana Miranda

Watercolor and Gouache Multi-Colored Gemstone Pendant Rendering on Vellum Paper by Joana Miranda

And, to close this post, a wise observation…

“There  is no royal road to anything.  One thing at a time, all things in succession.  That which grows fast, withers as rapidly.  That which grows slowly, endures.”

(Josiah Gilbert Holland)


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Three Artists at Work (Jewelry Design and Pottery Projects in Pictures)

Two days ago I posted a rather sumptuous gold, diamond and emerald earring rendering for my Design a Day (Day 344).  I was visiting my parents in NH and did the rendering in my parents’ atelier – a combined pottery and jewelry studio.  The following pictures give a glimpse into our activities that day:

Joana sketching and trying to overcome a very sore throat and neck (note the multiple heated neck “collars”)…Photo of Joana in her parents' atelier in NH

Beginning to flesh out the gold metal tones…Photo of a gold earring rendering in process (#1)

Adding some orange highlights…Photo of earring rendering in process (#2)

Adding yellow dots for bead settings…Photo of earring rendering in process (#3)

The finished design…Photo of earring rendering process (#4)

My father pondering the technical details for a ring project…Photo of my father at work on a ring project

My mother working on glazing her bisqued pots for a firing…Photo of my mother at work glazing a squirrel pot

A squirrel emerges…Photo of my mother at work glazing a squirrel pot

Intrigued?  You can see more of my parents’ work at their respective pottery and jewelry websites.

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A Design a Day – Day 328 (Pretty in Pink – My Newest Take on the Chandelier Earring)

Life has been busy here of late…but then again, when isn’t it for me?  I’m working on some new design projects while also trying to keep on top of my Design a Day challenge here.  I find it hard to believe that almost a year has gone by since I started this project!  I’ve filled two giant portfolios with designs (with only one more page to spare) so before I’ve even reached my 365 day goal, I’m going to have to go and purchase yet another archival portfolio!

Tonight’s design features a pink sapphire, amethysts and pearls.  I love chandelier earrings, so this is yet another variation on the chandelier:

Watercolor and gouache sapphire, amethyst and pearl earring chandelier rendering by Joana Miranda

Watercolor and Gouache Sapphire, Amethyst and Pearl Earring Chandelier Rendering by Joana Miranda

Just a reminder…

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A Design a Day – Day 246 (A Jeweled Butterfly Emerges)

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly. (Richard Bach)

Watercolor and gouache butterflly brooch rendering with pear-shaped amethyst and aquamarine gemstones by Joana Miranda

Watercolor and Gouache Amethyst, Aquamarine and Diamond Butterfly Brooch Rendering by Joana Miranda

Tomorrow I’ll post the 7th and final animal-inspired brooch rendering in this series.  Tomorrow’s animal is perhaps the closest to the human race in terms of its sophistication.  In fact, some breeds have even been trained to assist quadriplegics and other people with severe spinal cord injuries or mobility impairments. After being socialized in a human home as infants, these animals undergo extensive training before being placed with a quadriplegic.  Around the house, they can help out by doing tasks including microwaving food, washing the quadriplegic’s face and opening drink bottles…

(I think it would be neat to have one of these as a pet, but the closest I’ve ever come is a stuffed toy version.)

Join me tomorrow to learn the identity of this animal!


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A Design a Day – Day 204

I really love this time of year when the air starts to feel soft,

we awake to the birds chirping,

and the trees look like they are covered with delicate green lace.

This earring design is inspired by spring:

Watercolor and Gouache "Spring Bud" Earring Rendering by Joana Miranda

Happy Spring!

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A Design a Day – Day 161

Another design from my past – summer of 2006, to be precise!  Although I didn’t quite know how to shade the inner facets in colored gemstones at the time, I did capture some of the depth in the pink “sapphire.”  I like this design, but realize now that the gold and diamond wavy component in this necklace needs to be rethought, either with hinges or links, so that the the necklace will lie smoothly on the neck:

Colored Pencil and Gouache Gold, Diamond, Pink Sapphire and Tahitian Pearl Necklace Rendering by Joana Miranda

That said, I still believe that it is very important to design what is in your imagination first and foremost, then figure out how to make it feasible!

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A Design a Day – Day 142

Today’s design, the last in my seven-day series of earring designs inspired by the seven wonders of the world, was inspired by the Grand Canyon.  Two hundred seventy-seven miles in length, anywhere from 4 to 18 miles in width, and over a mile deep at its deepest, the Grand Canyon in Arizona is thought to have been carved by the meandering Colorado River as far back as 17 million years ago.  The river continues to erode and carve out the canyon today.

Grand Canyon, AZ

My earring design inspired by the Grand Canyon follows:

Watercolor and Gouache Agate and Silver Earring Rendering by Joana Miranda

I chose to incorporate a red agate stone (carved into a doughnut shape) since the variegated bands of color common in this stone remind me of the layers of colors in the rocks of the Grand Canyon.  I also designed this earring with blackened silver.  Originally, the Grand Canyon was inhabited by Native Americans who built settlements within its caves.  The Pueblo people considered the Canyon a holy place and made pilgrimages to it.  Native Americans have a long and elegant tradition of working with silver; hence my choice of the metal for this design.

I hope my readers have enjoyed my whirlwind journey to some of the greatest architectural and natural wonders of our world!  In closing this week’s posts I’d like to quote Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (French aviator and writer who lived from 1900-1944):

A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.


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