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My Favorite Things – Closing In on the Finish Line for the 2018 Joana Miranda Studio Cartoon Calendar

I’m wrapping up work on the 2018 Joana Miranda Studio Cartoon Calendar and thought you’d enjoy another sneak peak…

Featuring 12 of my brand new, never before published cartoons, the calendar would be a lovely holiday gift for your friends or family.  (Heck, you might just want to reserve one for yourself, too!)

The calendar will be available for purchase in my shop at Etsy soon.  You, my loyal readers and fans, will get a head’s up here on my blog as soon as the calendar has launched.  In the meantime, feel free to check out the other fun and whimsical illustrations and cartoons I have currently available by clicking here.


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Sneak Peak at the Joana Miranda Studio 2018 Cartoon Calendar

Whatever could she be saying? 

If you purchase the Joana Miranda Studio 2018 Cartoon Calendar, all will be revealed.  The calendar will go on sale soon, so stay tuned for more information.  (In the meantime, if you want to see more of my illustrations and cartoons, please visit my shop at Etsy!)

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My Life as a Cartoon (Through the Haze)

Cafe Bel Air for blog3


July 5, 2016 · 9:19 pm

Happy July 4th!

A few funnies for you – the product of a quiet but extremely pleasant afternoon spent people watching from our balcony.

July 4th His Style with text

Fourth of July Fashionista


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Wicked Fun

I’ve been lucky to fill in on occasion for over a year now on the Broadway show Wicked. Playing the show has been an experience for me like no other – exhilarating, stressful (in the beginning), and oh so fun.  In my other freelance work,  I’m rarely in the position of being the only violist, so having solo lines and the chance to be heard is a nice change.  In addition, I really enjoy the camaraderie of all of my colleagues at Wicked, from the “regulars” to the other substitute musicians I’ve met.

Some of the regulars have been playing the show for so long that they have the “book” memorized.  It’s not uncommon to see musicians reading or otherwise occupying themselves during the breaks between numbers.  I’m a long way off from that point (I doubt I’d ever feel confident enough to play an entire show by memory), but there have been a few times where I’ve taken advantage of one of the longer breaks to do some sketching.

A year ago, I did a quick sketch of clarinetist John Moses and was delighted and honored when he asked if he could include it on his website.  (Scroll down towards the bottom of his photograph page to see the sketch.)

And today, I did a cartoon of another colleague who doubles on saxophones, clarinet, flute, bassoon and some other devices…

Wicked with text


(P.S. Although I’m keeping his identity anonymous, I’m happy to say he burst out laughing when I showed him the sketch.)


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My Favorite Things – My Family (Of Course!)

In case I haven’t introduced them, meet…

My Mother –

My Mother with text


My Sister – 

The Phd with text

And last (but certainly not least), My Husband – 

Pumping iron wth text


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What’s in My Toolbox: An Illustrated Look

Ask any number of illustrators what it takes to “get good” and the one common answer you’ll probably hear is…

Ten Thousand Hours

(translation: Practice…and lots of it!)

Of course, every illustrator will also have papers and implements/tools they swear by, so I thought I’d share a few of my own.

Here’s where I illustrate.  As you can see, I’ve got everything I need pretty much at my finger tips.  

Photo of my drafting table workspace

My usual tools (in photo above, starting clockwise from bottom left) are:

X.ACTO mechanical pencil sharpener 

Higgins Waterproof Drawing Ink (in black and brown)

Various Copic Sketch markers

Prismacolor Premier markers

T-square ruler, straight ruler

Various natural and synthetic watercolor paintbrushes

Stabilo Point 88 fine line markers

Borden & Riley #234 Bleedproof Paper 

Although I also work with my Carter’s vintage fountain pen and dip pens, lately I’ve been drawing my illustrations with fine line watercolor paintbrushes and waterproof ink.  I love the possibilities in softness of the line and the gradations of grays that happen naturally as the ink starts to flow out of the brush.

To keep my brushes healthy and in excellent working order, I clean them after each drawing session with this brush cleaner.

brush cleaner and brushes

(The brush nearest the Brush Cleaner and Preserver tub above might look like it’s too fine to produce any line variation, but it actually works beautifully for faces.)  

Here is a series of face “doodles” I tossed off last night with my fine line watercolor paintbrush.

Face Off with watermark

One unusual tool in my arsenal that you might not see in other illustration studios is this one.

bone paper scorer

This bone paper scorer was among my father’s things when I was sorting through his desk last year.  Since I often need to fold, score and tear my larger sheets of marker paper into smaller portions, this tool saves my fingernails from being split by the paper.  My father would be pleased that I’m using it…

As you can tell, I’ve got my tool box pretty much down to a science.  Even so, it’s always fun to experiment with new tools.  Here’s my latest “toy”.  

Aquash pen in package

I bought it so that I could continue my paintbrush and ink practice in my sketchbook when I’m out and about.  This ingenious pen can be filled simply with water (to create wash effects over other media like water-soluble colored pencils, for example) or you can fill it with ink of your choice.

Here’s what it looks like empty and uncapped…

aquash pen empty

And filled (I filled mine with a solution of black Higgins waterproof ink diluted with some distilled water).

Aquash pen filled

Perfect for working on freedom of strokes and gestural drawing on the run!

Aquash girl


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