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From My Sketchbook – The Travelers

We just arrived back home from a quick trip to Washington, D.C.  We were too early for the cherry blossoms, although I LOVED my visit to see the orchid show at the United States Botanical Garden.  (In case you missed my post about the visit, you can still see the photos here.) Also memorable was our visit to the Holocaust Museum.  Memorable isn’t the only word that describes that experience, though.  Haunting, thought-provoking, heart-wrenching, disturbing, sad, overwhelming, and inspiring are also apt.  In any case, our D.C. trip felt very full and I confess that my sketchbook got a little forgotten. But I did capture this young couple yesterday waiting for their train in Union Station.

My Favorite Things – The Orchid Show at the United States Botanic Garden

Because just about now, I’m desperate to see FLOWERS! Fortunately, I’m currently in Washington, D.C. and had a free afternoon to myself today in which to see the (free) orchid exhibit at the United States Botanic Garden . Although I knew I wouldn’t remember all of the the names of the different types of orchids (the collection contains over 5,000 specimens), here are some of my favorites! The exhibit features far more than just orchids, though.  In the Garden Primeval I spotted these pretty brush-like flowers… While the prickly thistle was one of the interesting plants blooming in the Medicinal Plants garden. While not exactly flowers, the shape of these cactus plants comes close enough in my book…not to mention that cacti are fast becoming my g0-to plants for our New York apartment! The exhibit includes spice plants, like this Allspice bush… And berries (these just happen to be coffee!)  The number of  fruit varieties (starfruit)… (Limes)… (Kumquats)…make the visitor feel like they’ve stepped into a veritable garden of Eden. And, yes, there are even cocoa …