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From My Sketchbook – The Melting Pot

One of the things I love about living in New York City is that it’s such an international city.  It’s not unusual to hear multiple different languages being spoken even on the Upper West Side where I live.  Some of the people are tourists, others are “transplants.”  In any case, the collection of faces in my sketchbook this week pays tribute to some of the potpourri that is New York!






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From My Sketchbook (What I’m Sketching and Why…)

I filled the last few pages of a Crescent Rendr  Sketchbook yesterday and will start in on a fresh one today.  The Crescent Rendr brand sketchbooks are my go-to sketchbooks because they feature:

  • bleed-proof, wrinkle-free pages which allow you to draw/paint on both sides of each page
  • discreet size (perfect for a pocket or purse)
  • sewn binding for open-flat access

I’ve discovered that I’m sort of addicted to sketching in public (or, to be more precise, sketching THE public.)  I find it immensely appealing and gratifying because it:

  • forces you to get faster with your gestures
  • puts you in the moment
  • makes waiting for the subway/train/plane fun
  • gives you lots of free subject matter
  • provides a record of your travels

As I flip back through this particular sketchbook I’m transported to our flight to Paris in June and walks along the Seine and in the Jardin du Luxembourg, then back to the cafes along Central Park, then to our hotel room in Saratoga, NY (for lots of TV watching of the Democratic and Republican conventions) and on to a very relaxing week spent in NH at my mom’s cottage.  The last few pages are filled with my favorite subject – fellow commuters on the subway as I make my way around NYC.

Enjoy!Thin Asian man checking his cellphone

Quick sketch of bald man on the subway

Middle aged woman concentrating

Man in sunglasses riding the subway

Old man on the subway


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From My Sketchbook – Week 28

It’s been HOT in the Big Apple, which makes the idea of going out sightseeing – and anything that involves having to wait on a hot subway platform for a train – pretty unappealing.  As a result, I haven’t done any real life sketches this week.  But for your enjoyment, here are two pencil sketches inspired by photographs,  along with the marker and ink versions.

sultry flapper sketch

Sultry flapper for blog

girl in crocheted hat

Girl in crocheted hat final for blog


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My Favorite Things – My Spanish Soap

watching velvet

But I’m not talking actual soap, (although I AM partial to this fragrant Spanish soap.)  No, by “soap” I’m referring to the TV show Velvet which has now entered into its 2nd season.  In fact, last night after making up a batch of popcorn, I watched two episodes back-to-back…and crawled into bed at 2 a.m.  Which I could do since my husband was out of town and I had the apartment (and remote) all to myself.  Velvet is a girly pleasure…filled with complicated love affairs, misunderstandings and lots of fashion.  Oh, and did I mention that several of the leading men are easy on the eyes, too?  Of course, I justify it all by telling myself that it’s part of my Spanish study and immersion.

Por supuesto!

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From My Sketchbook – Week 21

Sketches (or scribbles) from my sketchbook this past week include this head study…

quick head scribble sketch by Joana Miranda

And this seated figure.

woman seated waiting for the subway

As you’re reading this, I’ll probably be en route to New Hampshire for a quick visit to my mom’s summer cottage.  A five hour bus ride probably doesn’t sound exactly pleasant, but when you’re not the one driving (or co-piloting) it’s actually quite relaxing…and hopefully will lead to lots of new sketches!


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From My Drafting Table: Mug Shots…

It’s been a busy week for me…which isn’t all bad since my husband was out of town.  Between running back and forth to rehearsals and shows, I also kept myself entertained by creating “mug shots” at the drafting table.

Meet my friends…

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From My Sketchbook – Week 13

This week as I sketched, I challenged myself to focus more on bodies instead of just faces…

ink sketch of woman sitting in the subway

As well as trying to capture some men, too (that is, to draw them in my sketchbook – not hit them over the head and drag them home!)

quick ink sketch of man with beard

What’s on for next week?  Hope you’ll come back then to find out!

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