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A Timely Offer from Chris Guillebeau at Unconventional Guides

Looking to get your business off the ground and running? Then you might just want to take advantage of the 20% discount coupon valid on all of the products that Chris Guillebeau currently offers in his Unconventional Guides store. (Coupon is good ’til Friday night.)

Empire Building Kit – Week 46 Review (The Daily Pages – The Chore That Might Just Become Your Favorite Activity)

Julia Cameron came up with the wonderful exercise of writing 3 daily pages. Buster Benson takes the concept into the digital age with his online version at He’s also built a business around the website. Either way you go, you’ll benefit for the daily writing practice!

Empire Building Kit – Week 43 Review (Or, On Approaching Forbidding Doors)

Moving ahead with a difficult project might mean admitting that you’re stuck and need help. In my experience, seeking that help – whether it be online, a book, or from a real person – is always a win-win situation. Read on for one of my recent experiences with getting unstuck.

Empire Building Kit – Week 42 Review (Why Stick-to-it-ness Just Might Get You Unstuck)

A look at week 42 of Chris Guillebeau’s Empire Building Kit as well as a look at the clever marketing strategies of John Morefield who went from being an out-of-work architect to having a successful career as a self-employed architect.