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A Design a Day – Day 193

Today’s design is a foray into irregular-shaped engagement rings and their matching wedding bands: Designing a truly unusual engagement ring is a fun challenge.  However, creating a wedding band which will nestle snuggly against the engagement ring can certainly put a lot more restrictions on the design of the engagement ring.  In an ideal world, the two rings would look beautiful worn together or worn separately on the right and left hands.  However, modern tradition dictates that the two should be worn together on the same finger. In the design above, the wavy quality of the engagement ring would actually have a symmetrical repeating pattern.  The wedding band would also have a symmetrical pattern of waves, and therefore would look just fine worn together or on its own apart from the engagement ring. I’m intrigued with this issue and will continue exploring creative ways to compliment “out-of-the box” thinking on engagement rings. One designer doing really innovative engagement rings currently is Mark Schneider.  Take a look at some of his designs here.

A Design a Day – Day 74

As a jewelry designer, I’ve wondered if I was born with a defective gene where it comes to engagement rings.  I’ve never been a fan of the “rock”, nor do I like prongs that elevate said rock so that it sticks up high above the band.  In my ring designs, I tend to gravitate towards little diamonds (lots of them!), bezel settings, and wider filigree bands.  Tonight I decided to put my efforts into designing a more traditional engagement band featuring a large center diamond. The result is my “twist” on the traditional.

Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands; A Look at Innovative Pairings

I was contacted recently by a custom jeweler/designer colleague who wondered if I had any design ideas for ways to deal with creating a wedding band to pair with a previously purchased engagement ring that has an unusual side profile.  As this jeweler pointed out, it is tiresome to have to make weird-shaped wedding bands to fit around an engagement ring.  As Design Associate for David Liska Custom Jeweler, I saw the creation of quite a few extraordinary engagement rings.  Because of the elaborate nature of these rings and their cost, the bride-to-be sometimes chose not to have a matching band created.   This is certainly one option to consider.  Sometimes the engagement ring is so spectacular that anything next to it would be “gilding the lily”.   A good example is this ring design I posted recently in my A Design A Day – Day 28 blog post: Because of the bypass ring design, fitting a wedding band to this ring would be problematic.  Also, I think that adding more metal to the bottom or top …

Love is in the air. Tips for engagement ring shopping and proposing. (Part 1)

One of my good friends is ring shopping and getting ready to propose to his girlfriend.  He asked me for some shopping advice which I was happy to provide and  have decided to share here with my readers.  In Part 1, I’ll address where to look to get ring ideas, how to get educated about diamonds, what metals to consider, and how to go “custom” if you don’t find the perfect ring.  I’ll also debunk some common ring myths.  In Part 2, I’ll talk about wedding bands for both of you, and give you some ideas for proposing.  Please read on! Palladium Wedding Ring Trio Rendering by Joana Miranda Part 1 Browse the websites of as many jewelers/engagement ring stores as you can.  Look at everyone – from high-end to department store – to get ideas of what you (and she) like. My suggested places to look: Tiffany Cartier Harry Winston Kwiat Simon G Penny Preville Alex Sepkus Martin Flyer Lieberfarb Debeers Judith Conway JB Star Renaissance Platinum Christopher Designs Michael Bondanza Lauren K Doris …