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From My Sketchbook – Bundle Up, It’s Cold Outside!

As a (stupid) youth, I refused to wear hats.  I thought they looked dorky and I also didn’t want to end up with the dreaded hat-head hair.  Now that I’m old and wise (decrepit?), I’ve realized that hats not only really do keep you warmer, but they also cover a multitude of hair sins…bad hair, bed-head, etc.  My fancy hat rotation currently includes 3 cloche style hats: one has a bow, another a red felt poppy, and the third, a sparkly rhinestone pin.  I also have a ski cap for grocery runs and a fancy grey beret with rhinestones for those “je ne sais quoi” days.

Maybe because I’ve finally wrapped my head around wearing hats – or, the other way around – I’m also drawn to sketching people with interesting hats.  (Note: for those of you still on the fence about wearing hats, I can tell you that hats are definitely IN in New York City right now.)

Here are a few ways that people are rocking their hats…






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Show the Love (By Voting for Me!)


Yes, I’m asking for a little help from all the Joana Miranda Studio fans out there!  In honor of NYC Fashion week, I’ve entered the Dick Blick Art en Vogue Fashion Art Challenge.  You can view my Arte Diem entry here and cast your vote for me by clicking on the yellow VOTE box.  Voting starts today, September 19th, and runs through September 25th.  You can vote every day if you like, but no more than once in a 24 hour period.  Besides giving me the warm fuzzies, your vote just might earn me some more art supplies.  (And since I’m not planning to stop drawing, illustrating or cartooning any time soon, more tools in my “paint box” would be a good thing.)



 Thank you.


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The Concert


Once in a Blue Moon Final for blog
Every once in a while (and with inimitable style),

she was over the moon because she got the tune.


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My Favorite Things – Working from a Happy Place

Namely, my drafting table!  Since “free time” for drawing has been in such short supply this past month, it was with great pleasure that I sat down to work on some “head shots” today.

The subject?  

Three cartoon head shots

I call her Josephine.

(But she does bear a marked resemblance to me – that is, when I’ve bothered to get out of my sweatpants, put on makeup and style my hair!)


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From My Sketchbook

It was another one of those weeks for me with lots of commuting (and standing around on subway platforms waiting for trains.)  The weather was also all over the map with temperatures from frigid to balmy so I saw everything from parkas to rain coats and capes.

This (yellow) cape coat caught my eye on one of the warmer days.

quick sketch of woman in yellow cape coat


And since I’ve been on the hunt for a slimmer, more feminine “puffer” coat, my eye was drawn to this young woman as well.


Quick sketch of young Asian woman wearing puffer coat

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My Favorite Things – My Hairdresser at Polaris Hair Studio

Because hairdressers can be artists, too!

The haircut watermarked for blog


And I am lucky to have one such artist hairdresser.  His name is Osamu and he cuts hair at Polaris Hair Studio in NYC.  Every time I go see him he listens attentively to what I want, discusses how he’s going to cut my hair, and yes, even draws annotated pictures of my hair style.  He’s not a chatty hairdresser (“focused” is a more apt description)  so I just sit back and watch the magic happen.

(P.S.  Yes, I did go “pixie” again last week. )


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From My Sketchbook

A year ago I resolved to carry around a sketchbook and create, if possible, daily quick sketches.  I’ve had so much fun with the project, that I’m happily continuing it into year two.  My focus these days has shifted to capturing full figure sketches and action poses.

Here are a few such sketches from this week…

quick pen and ink sketch of man at Eric Kayser

Quick pen and ink sketch of woman leaning against subway wall

And while figures and their various proportions are my latest fascination, I haven’t strayed far from my obsession with faces either.

quick pen sketch of woman's face


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