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From My Sketchbook – Week 40

With the 2016 Joana Miranda Studio Calendar “in the bag” ahead of my Thursday deadline, I’m rethinking one illustration and contemplating a redo. Here are some of my sketch ideas for that illustration…

From My Sketchbook – Week 30

Only one sketch in my travel sketchbook to show this week (tsk, tsk), but I think you’ll agree that I more than made up for it in new offerings in my shop at Society6 and in my account on Instagram!

My Favorite Things – Practicing (Drawing)

There’s nothing like practice…especially when you can incorporate an element of play into your practice! Here are some of the whimsical “fashionistas” that have emerged from my practice sessions at the drafting table this week.

From My Sketchbook – Week 10

This past week I did more viola playing than sketching (you can read some of the nice reviews of New York City Ballet‘s performances at the Kennedy Center here and here); but on the 3+ hour train ride home yesterday evening I did quite a bit of catching up. ┬áIn fact, I filled up the rest of the pages in my little Moleskin sketch book! If you look carefully, you’ll even see more of my various head studies showing through the pages… And, when I ran out of pages in my sketch book, I grabbed the next thing handy – the envelopes from my paychecks – and did these sketches with ink and my French Grey Prismacolor marker. (Meanwhile, my husband completed half a book’s worth of mind teaser puzzles and games.) Each to his own, I guess!