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From My Sketchbook – Week 40

I’ve been putting the finishing touches on the Joana Miranda Studio 2016 calendar (look for a posting and link-to-buy on my blog just before Thanksgiving) and although I have the calendar images uploaded and ready to send to the printer, there’s one illustration that I’m still not 100% happy about.  Because I have the luxury of a few free days this week before we depart for Australia, I’m planning to redo that one illustration.

My recent sketches, therefore, have been studies for the illustration.  As you can see, it’s a 3/4 face angle which just happens to be one of the hardest face angles to draw simply and well.

Two three quarter head sketches

So I might just resort to doing a profile view instead!

Girl Smelling Roses quick sketch



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Friday’s Thought – On Imagination

Ta Da Cape Coat for blog

“Imagination is the eye of the soul.”

(Joseph Joubert)


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From My Sketchbook – Week 30

I did about 400 sketches this week (well, maybe not quite that many) but only ONE in my little travel sketchbook.  Here she is…

girl with scarf on the subway2

You can see some of the other sketches from the week’s output on my Instagram account as well as on these products at Society6:

The Boho Chick…

Laptop skin Illustration by Joana Miranda Studio at Society6


iPhone case Zelda illustration by Joana Miranda Studio at Society6

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My Favorite Things – Practicing (Drawing)

A while back I took a jewelry techniques workshop on metal forming with Charles Lewton-Brain.   Although fold forming metal was not really my thing, there was a lot that stuck with me from the workshop.  In particular, I remember Lewton-Brain not only encouraging us to experiment with various techniques, but advising us to set aside time each day to “play” at the workbench.  Since coming back from working in D.C., I’ve had some chunks of free time to do just that at my drafting table.  The goal has been to improve my sketching and drawing with pen.

As you’ll see from the photo below, I’ve been busy at it:

practice sketches

Part of the fun with pen sketching is to let the evolving sketch dictate the direction of the mood as well as the fashion.  These are sketches from my imagination, not from photos.  Along the way, some of my proportions have been way off, not to mention that I’ve put my some of figures into impossible poses.  But others, have come to life in a quite natural and exciting manner.

I’m proud of this sketch…

Summer Girl

And I also think this one has exciting potential!

Sexy Library Girl


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From My Sketchbook – Week 10

This past week I did more viola playing than sketching (you can read some of the nice reviews of New York City Ballet‘s performances at the Kennedy Center here and here); but on the 3+ hour train ride home yesterday evening I did quite a bit of catching up.  In fact, I filled up the rest of the pages in my little Moleskin sketch book!

If you look carefully, you’ll even see more of my various head studies showing through the pages…

young woman three quarter view sketch

cute fashionista sketch

And, when I ran out of pages in my sketch book, I grabbed the next thing handy – the envelopes from my paychecks – and did these sketches with ink and my French Grey Prismacolor marker.

African American lady sketch

Halle Berri sketch on envelope(Meanwhile, my husband completed half a book’s worth of mind teaser puzzles and games.)

Each to his own, I guess!

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Getting Inked…

No, I’m not contemplating getting a tattoo; but judging from the ink stains on my fingers these days, it does appear that I’m getting inked!

The reason?  

I’ve been practicing my pen and ink drawing.  Though, to be honest, at this point I feel like I’m taking two steps forward and three back.  This YouTube video has provided the inspiration:


Amazing how easy Yelen makes it seem, right?  But in each of MY attempts, something has gone wrong…

Punk Girl drafts (Oh, except for the “practice” drawing I did on scratch paper – see figure at bottom left – which of course came out great.)  Grrr!  Such is life.  But if I haven’t learned anything else in my years of working as a musician and artist, it’s that you don’t get anywhere without a hell of a lot of practice!  So, if you don’t hear from me in a while, don’t worry.  I’m practicing.


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Walk Like An Egyptian…A New Illustration Goes Slightly Awry

I was pretty pleased with my latest illustration when I left it this afternoon.  However, spending a few hours away gave me “new eyes”, and I realized that the way I’d positioned my model’s feet was slightly reminiscent of an Egyptian hieroglyph!  So I plan to give the illustration another shot tomorrow.

Who knows, maybe she doesn’t even need the legs?



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