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Drawing from Cyberspace…

When I’m creating a new illustration and need a reference for a particular pose, I often find Google Images to be of vast help.  Case in point, this week I wanted to draw Josephine in a crouching pose.  Google image searches for “woman crouching” yielded many great results and lots of inspiration!

Based on studying the poses, I created a preliminary rough sketch…

Josephine crouching prelim

However, when I imported the sketch into my photo-editing program so that I could “mirror” it to check my lines, I decided it needed an overhaul.  My next version is a better drawing, yet it lost some of the playfulness of the sketch above.  This is one I’ll sleep on for a while before I decide my next move!

Girl with dog shadow blog



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Pencil Sketch for New Flirty and Fun Illustration

In case you’re curious, my illustrations always start from a concept.  Like…





From there I search the web to find photos that will help me create realistic-looking poses for my fashionista, Josephine.  In today’s sketch, I wanted Josephine to look ladylike (but still sexy) as she battled a sudden gust of wind.  The following two images helped to shape my composition:

Girl with a fan

Girl with polkadot skirt blowing in the wind

While this great image gave me the idea to insert a male element to inject a little whimsy and humor as well.

Priest and girl in red dress

Here’s the pencil sketch that evolved…

windy spring day prelim blog

While the composition is still “in-progress”, I’m liking where it’s headed so far.  I’ll be posting the final rendered illustration later this week.  Stay tuned!

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