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My Favorite Things – Love, Hearts and All Things Cupid in the Big Apple

It’s cold and wintry in New York City, but with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, things just might start to heat up!

hearts in the snow bank

At the Hudson Cafe you and your sweetie can grab a romantic table for two…

Hudson Cafe

Or head south of the border for some Mexican food at Móle!

Mole restaurant in the Village

Curious sweets are on sale here…

Curious window

And you’ll find lots of curiosities here!

Valentines window Upper West Side

Caliente?  The equation couldn’t be simpler!

Muy Caliente

(♥ + 2)


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Sketch for Valentine’s-Themed Card by Joana Miranda

I’ve got a fun idea percolating in my head for a new Valentine’s-themed card.  Here is the preliminary sketch…

Valentine Gal for blog

And since I’ve got a little more free time this week than usual, I’m looking forward to making good progress on this project.  I hope you’ll check back soon…

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My Favorite Things – Did I Say Chocolate?

It’s February 1st, which means that Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away.

At my local Whole Foods, they’re getting in the mood…

Photo of hearts on blackboard at Whole Foods, taken by Joana Miranda

And everywhere you look you’ll see chocolate!

Photo of chocolate covered pretzels, taken by Joana Miranda

Cuter than the pretzels (but probably just as yummy) are these three bears…

Photo of 3 chocolate bears, taken by Joana Miranda

(But if you really want to impress her, why not buy the entire sleuth!)

Photo of a sleuth of chocolate bears, taken by Joana Miranda

I, for one, am partial to the chocolate Cupid….

Photo of cute chocolate cupid, taken by Joana Miranda

and I hope my husband reads this post!

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Josephine Wishes You a Very Happy Holiday!

Whimsical watercolor Josephine illustration by Joana Miranda

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