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Happy New Year from Joana Miranda Studio

Happy New Year 2015-16 cropped for blog

Wishing you a fresh and joyful start to the new year.  May 2016 bring you happiness and good times!



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Here’s to the Last Hurrah of Summer…

Labor Day Siesta for blog

And a very Happy Labor Day from Joana Miranda Studio!


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Keeping it Simple…

In the quest to create illustrations that are whimsical, upbeat and fun, I keep coming back to the need to keep things simple.  You’d think “simple” would be easy, but it’s actually not!

After hours of slaving at my drafting table today (ok, I’m exaggerating, but maybe not as much as you’d think!) here’s what emerged…

Cafe des Amis( By the way, I also joined Instagram today, so if you’d like to follow me there I’ve added an Instagram button to the sidebar of my blog. )


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From My Drafting Table…

With all best wishes for a magical holiday!
A Magical  Holiday cropped framed

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An Illustration Make-Over!

A few days ago, I posted this illustration “in-progress”:

March cab girl first draft watermarked

As I mentioned when I posted the version above, I wanted to redo “his” face as well as play around with some of my color choices.  As you’ll see below, I did those things.  You might also notice that a certain little dog is now curiously checking out what’s going on!  This illustration will be part of my 2015 Joana Miranda Studio Calendar, although I’m keeping the month assignment under wraps for now.

March cab girl redone watermarked

Like what you see?  Then come back tomorrow for a preview of yet another of my calendar illustrations!


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Keeping It Fresh – New Illustration Debuts!

My latest illustration has been an exercise in, well…

keeping it fresh!

Although I did quite a few versions of this illustration trying out different settings for Josephine and her little dog André (see below for an example)…

fruit stand

In the end, I decided Jo and André were just fine on their own, thank you very much.

By the way, if you’re environmently conscious like me, then this new tote is a must for your grocery runs!

Fresh Shopping Tote

(To purchase, please click here.)


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The Melancholy Polka – New Whimsical Illustration from Joana Miranda Studio

Josephine hasn’t been feeling exactly chipper of late…in fact, melancholy might be a better description of her mood.  But even Josephine knows that moods come and go.   And so she’s embracing this one and learning to dance with it, too.

Melancholy Polka for blog

(The greeting card version is now available in my shop at Etsy.)


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