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My Favorite Things – The 2017 Joana Miranda Studio Cartoon Calendar

(Warning: a little shameless promotion lies ahead…)



Yes, I’m very excited to announce that the 2017 Joana Miranda Studio Cartoon Calendar is now available in my shop at Etsy.  This 8.5 x 11 spiral-bound wall calendar features 12 brand-new cartoon illustrations.  The characters are drawn from my menagerie of cartoon “friends”…and you’ll even find a few musicians and four-legged creatures tossed into the mix, too!  You can take a sneak peak inside by clicking here.

Quantities are limited, so please order your calendar before they sell out!

(P.S.  Each calendar comes wrapped in an archival cello sleeve adorned with a pink ribbon.)


Happy Holidays!



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Not the Winner, but Thank You Anyway!

I’ve been meaning to thank all of my fans for taking the time to vote for my Arte Diem fashion illustration in the recent Dick Blick Art en Vogue Fashion Art Challenge.  While my illustration wasn’t selected as one of the winners, your votes certainly made me feel like a winner!  

If you’re interested in seeing the winning selections, please click here:

Meanwhile, I’ve wasted no time in getting back to the drawing board!  My latest illustration gives a nod to the spirit of October and the season of ghosts, goblins and things that go BOO in the night.


(P.S. The greeting card version of this illustration will be debuting in my shop at Etsy soon.) 


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The Concert


Once in a Blue Moon Final for blog
Every once in a while (and with inimitable style),

she was over the moon because she got the tune.


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New Illustration From Joana Miranda Studio Is Turning Heads…

She's All That cropped for blog

And you can pick up your own copy here!

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Going Retro…New Whimsical Marker and Ink Illustration from Joana Miranda Studio

Yes, my latest illustration just happens to have a retro vibe…

Playful polka final for blog

Not only did this illustration “flow”, but I’m happy to say that I own this EXACT outfit (and plan to wear it to a fancy schmancy New York City Ballet event soon.)  Heck, I like the outfit so much, I’m going to need lots more fun functions for it.  Dinner out anyone?

P.S. The note card version is now available in my shop at Etsy.


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New 1920’s Inspired Greeting Card from Joana Miranda Studio

If I could go back to any era it would be the 20s.  I so love the gamine clothing, bob haircuts, cloche hats and general joie de vivre that seemed to color that period.  The illustration below (a reworked version from this post) was done with my vintage Carter’s fountain pen and Copic Sketch markers…

Ruby Hearted mockupand you can purchase it here!

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ON SALE! (Limited Availability)

For some odd reason, in the first few weeks after the new year I tend to have no problem remembering to write “2015” on my checks and correspondence; however, come right about now, I usually lapse into writing “2014”…and sometimes even worse (a few years ago, I wrote 1987!)  To aid my addled brain, I have a desk calendar right near my computer, and a wall calendar – ahem, the Joana Miranda Studio 2015 Calendar – hanging above my drafting table.   So far, I haven’t lapsed.  Fingers crossed…

In case you’re in need of similar aid, I’m happy to announce that I have a limited number of Joana Miranda Studio 2015 Calendars still available, AND they’re currently on sale for a mere $18  $12.50!  Whoowee!  Now that’s a bargain!

New Year's girl with calendar mockup

Hop on over to my shop at Etsy to snatch up yours today…

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