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From My Sketchbook – The Good, the Bad and the Smokey

There was so much about my recent trip to Paris that was wonderful.  Unexpectedly, my time spent sightseeing alone each day was partly what made the trip so memorable. As I explored the different Arrondisements, it didn’t matter if I stopped every five feet to snap a picture, decided to veer off my charted course to wander down an interesting side street, or found myself lost and had to retrace my steps.  When my feet got tired or I got hungry, I stopped to rest or to eat; and at the end of the day I always had adventures to report back to my husband. My sketch book was always handy, and since Paris is a city for people watching my cafe breaks provided the perfect opportunity to try and capture the expressions and spirit of those around me. In short, I would say that my entire trip was trés parfait except for one little thing.  Everyone (or so it seems) in Paris smokes – and I’m not referring to the occasional social cigarette.  Parisians seem …

My Favorite Things – The Parisian Aesthetic Rubs Off On Me

Although I had to say goodbye to Paris early yesterday morning, I feel like a good dose of the Parisian aesthetic came home with me.  To clarify, I didn’t buy any souvenirs (aside from the food I ate, my only other purchases were two postcards!); however, the constant people watching and sight-seeing was like a crash course in good taste. To begin with, Parisians seem to have a love affair with good food made from good quality ingredients. Wouldn’t you be inspired to eat well if your supermarket veggie display looked like this? So when I arrived home yesterday afternoon, one of the first things I did was to head over to Whole Foods to purchase some zucchini, tomatoes and pesto for a healthy dinner of Pesto “Zoodles” with cherry tomatoes.   Eaten al fresco on our patio, I could almost pretend that I was back in Paris! Today, I spent much of the day finding things in the apartment to give away.  Paring down seems somehow very Parisian.  My goal is not only to de-clutter (an …

Let Them Eat Cake (and Some Fruit, too!)

I knew that the French were famous for their cuisine, but I wasn’t prepared for the sheer beauty of the cakes, pastries, confections and sweet treats offered in their patisseries.  Everything from the color combinations, to the shapes of the cakes and the finishing details – a raspberry here and there dusted with sugar, or the slightest hint of edible glitter or gold leaf – makes each cake a work of art. But before you proceed any further reading this post, a word of warning.  This post may make you very, VERY hungry… Which will you choose? (A side of fruit will go along nicely with your sweet treat.) My choice?  The Saint Honore cream tart at Ladurée… Followed by a marzipan pear.

My Favorite Things – Postcards from Paris

Bonjour from the land of croissants, berets and haute cuisine!  I’ve only been here a day, but so far Paris hasn’t disappointed.  Today, after leaving my husband at the Théâtre du Châtelet where the New York City Ballet will be performing for the next three weeks, I meandered over the Pont Neuf winding past the Sorbonne into the Latin Quarter of the city.  My destination was the food vendors along Rue Mouffetard.  Although I passed cheese, chocolate and Gelato shops to die for, a small unassuming creperie called Chez Nicos caught my attention.  I ordered a ham and cheese crepe along with the fixin’s (lettuce, onions and tomato.)  Not only was the chef gracious with my halting French, but he even took my wallet and zipped the change back into it for me so I could concentrate on more important things (like holding the beautiful crepe in my hand!) And how was it? Très délicieux! As you can tell, my attention was also taken with Paris’ lovely balconies… Charming cafes… And beautiful lanterns.