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The Cougar – New and Improved Illustration by Joana Miranda

When I posted this illustration last week….

The Cougar for blog

I knew something didn’t quite look right.  After setting it aside for a few days, I realized that the problem was with the placement of the man in relation to the woman in the foreground.  I wanted him to be trailing behind her at a distance, and that’s why I made him significantly smaller.  However, according to the rules of perspective, the figures should share a common horizontal plane – in this case, their waistlines.  Because this plane was slightly off, the man ended up looking diminutive which was not my original intention.  (I admit, size matters!)

Fortunately, since I’m fairly facile with Corel Paint Shop Pro X5 (my photo editing program), I was able to make the necessary changes in placement digitally.  To do so, I had to separate out each element – the girl, the man and the background – so that I could play around with re-positioning the man in the overall composition.   Once I did this, I created new shadows for the figures, and reassembled the illustration digitally.  Here is the final result…

The Cougar new placement blog

And it’s now available at Joana Miranda Studio at Etsy!



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Illustration Inspired by the Work of Alfredo Cabrera

I stumbled across a wonderful online tutorial by fashion designer Alfredo Cabrera tonight.  I found the proportions of his whimsical girls fascinating, and closely followed his method of color blocking, highlighting, and final drawing.   While I wish I could say that my illustration flowed from start to finish without any stumbles, I’ll admit that I had to do a few tweaks in my photo editing program.  Next to Cabrera’s proportions, my original came out looking less fabulous than I wanted.   However, after performing a little leg surgery on Josephine in my Corel Paint Shop X2 photo-editing program – she’s brave and didn’t even need anesthetic – Josephine gained a few inches in height, and the illustration instantly got some needed sass.

Whimsical fashionista illustration "Champagne Giggles" by Joana Miranda


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