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From My Sketchbook – An Ode to My Mom

I just arrived back to the Big Apple after a lovely weekend spent with my mom at her cottage in NH.   As always, she put up with me most graciously, made me fabulous meals and a t0-die-for  rhubarb pie, and cheered me on at my trio recital in Vermont.  I could go on and on about all that I love about my mom, but for now I’m offering up this simple “ode” and cartoon to her…

I am truly blessed,

Since my mom’s the best.

She is pretty switched on,

(Except from dusk to dawn.)



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From My Sketchbook – A Few Funnies for a Rainy Day

Our first day of vacation at my mom’s cabin in the woods has been soggy and cold –  not so great for doing anything on the pond, but perfect for sitting inside and working on some cartoon illustrations!  And so I did.

Here are a few “selfie” inspired cartoon sketches…

Joana cartoon

Little Miss Muffet

And a cartoon sketch loosely based on my mother, who kindly consented to “sit” for me.

Meh-meh on her phone


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DIY Advice from a Pro

Rosie the Riveter with text


July 9, 2016 · 10:16 pm

The Concert


Once in a Blue Moon Final for blog
Every once in a while (and with inimitable style),

she was over the moon because she got the tune.


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My Favorite Things – Working from a Happy Place

Namely, my drafting table!  Since “free time” for drawing has been in such short supply this past month, it was with great pleasure that I sat down to work on some “head shots” today.

The subject?  

Three cartoon head shots

I call her Josephine.

(But she does bear a marked resemblance to me – that is, when I’ve bothered to get out of my sweatpants, put on makeup and style my hair!)


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Can You Spot the Differences…(and Give Me Your Opinion?)

Lately, I’ve been working towards more freedom in my illustrations…with the secret hope that someday (in another 40 years?) I’ll be able to create the illustrations from the get-go in pen.

Yesterday when I was working on my “illustration du jour” I was just putting in the finishing touches when I went a little heavy-handed with one of my pens and – in my eyes – ruined the illustration.  So I started again. The result is that I now have two illustrations that appear very similar, but are still quite different.  Funny what the flick of a pen can do!

My husband surprised me with his preference; however, since I’m still on the fence over which one I prefer, I’d love to hear your feedback.

Do you prefer….


The Happy Gardener for Blog2


or, B.
The Happy Gardener for Blog


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My Favorite Things – Having the Time to “Play” at My Drafting Table

Although I went back to teaching today (I’m fortunate to be blessed with great students!), I still had the better part of the day to play work on my illustrations.  My goal was to experiment with India ink and my nib pen for the illustration outline.  I was also going for more freedom in my coloring approach.  In the pencil sketch (which I worked on yesterday) I focused on elongating the figure even more than I usually do since I wanted to emphasize her grace and bring out the overall glamour in the composition.

What a luxury to be able to experiment and even REDO an illustration – in this case, the version below is my 2nd attempt…

Valentine Rose final

I’m fired up to do more illustrations using the techniques above, but first I’ll be turning my attention to finishing a 5-illustration custom project.

See you back here soon!


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