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New Marital Advice Cartoon Available in My Shop at Etsy

Perfect for anniversaries, Valentine’s or just an every-day reminder to the one you love…


(To purchase this card, please visit my shop at Etsy.)


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Happy July 4th!

A few funnies for you – the product of a quiet but extremely pleasant afternoon spent people watching from our balcony.

July 4th His Style with text

Fourth of July Fashionista


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Friday’s Thought – The Fruit of Life

Indian paintbrush flowers

“Color is the fruit of life.”

(Guillaume Apollinaire)

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Elegance is an Attitude – New Illustration from Joana Miranda Studio

I just put the finishing touches on my latest illustration and I’m really excited to post it!  This one was done using the ink blocking technique I tried on my last illustration (see here), although I used colored pencils for the outlines this time.  I love her elegant, yet soft look…and I so want her dress!

Antoinette for blog


(Coming soon to my shop at Etsy!)



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The Melancholy Polka – New Whimsical Illustration from Joana Miranda Studio

Josephine hasn’t been feeling exactly chipper of late…in fact, melancholy might be a better description of her mood.  But even Josephine knows that moods come and go.   And so she’s embracing this one and learning to dance with it, too.

Melancholy Polka for blog

(The greeting card version is now available in my shop at Etsy.)


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My Favorite Things – Pick Your Own Blueberries in New Hampshire

A week visiting my parents in their little New Hampshire lake-side cottage is not complete without a trip to a pick-your-own fruit farm.  This year we made time to pick blueberries (and a pint of raspberries) just a stone’s throw from where my parents reside.

The bushes were full of ripe and ripening berries.

Photo of ripening blueberries, taken by Joana Miranda

We first picked the Blueray variety…

Photo of blueray blueberries on a bush, taken by Joana Miranda

Then moved on to the Patriots since they were bigger and sweeter.

Photo of Patriot variety of blueberries, taken by Joana Miranda

With 5 of us Mirandas in the field (my husband is an honorary Miranda), we filled 4 big buckets…

Photo of 4 buckets of fresh-picked blueberries, taken by Joana Miranda

And had time to pick some raspberries, too!

Photo of home-picked blueberries and raspberries, taken by Joana Miranda

Where will all these berries go?  One pint went to the neighbors, but we’ll gobble up the rest in fruit salads, pies and jams.


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Josephine Indulges Her Sweet Tooth – Whimsical Illustration by Joana Miranda

Sweet Treat - Whimsical illustration by Joana Miranda

(Whimsical greeting card now available at Joana Miranda Studio at Etsy)


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