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A Design a Day – Day 314 (Giving Thanks; Part 2)

Keeping in a similar vein (giving thanks for having great support from my friends and family), here is another heart pendant idea:

Computer aided design of yellow and white gold heart medallion with diamond center by Joana Miranda

CAD of Yellow and White Gold Heart Medallion with Diamond Center by Joana Miranda

This week I’ve lost two full days of work since my email and Facebook accounts were hacked.  I don’t wish this nightmare on any of you, and from what I have heard from my friends, the scam that hit me had already hit a number of my friends.  Moving forward, I still have no control over my Facebook account.   Please do not follow me there (or go to Joana Miranda Studio on Facebook) unless I give you further notice that is safe again to do so.  My email is back under control and of course my website, my shop at Etsy and my blog are safe to visit.  I am also in the process of finalizing my email newsletter account with Aweber and will be sending my fans an invitation to sign up for my newsletter shortly.  This way you can receive notification of JLM Studio news, design work, new blog posts and other goodies straight into your email inbox.

(Of course, you can still sign up to receive my blog posts via email or RSS feed.  The signups are in the blog sidebar to the right of this post.)

On the subject of goodies…Congratulations to Pam who wrote in with a thoughtful and inspiring how-to-overcome-hardship comment on my Empire Building Week 9 review post.  She will be sent the pendant pictured in that post.

(I’m certainly using her good advice this week!)


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A Design a Day – Day 309 (Gold and Lapis Lazuli Earrings)

I had fun with this CAD earring design today.  Part of the enjoyment for me when I work on either CAD or hand renderings comes from imagining metal and gem combinations.  With CAD, I get the added benefit of being able to “play” around in the library of CAD files.  Selecting a metal, gemstone or background environment for that matter are just a click of the mouse away.   I think that yellow gold and lapis lazuli are a royal combination, and in this design they work well:

Gold and Lapis Lazuli CAD Earring Rendering by Joana Miranda

Gold and Lapis Lazuli CAD Earring Rendering by Joana Miranda

Come back tomorrow for more design surprises.  (I’m just as surprised usually as you are!)


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A Design a Day – Day 307 (Trying to Stick with My Task List, Yet Honor My Creative Timetable)

Some of my readers have mentioned that they “miss” my hand-drawn renderings when I post computer aided designs (CAD) for my Design a Day project.  I completely understand!  When I paint, I tend to get lost in the “zone” and sometimes the results feel quite magical.

Case in point, today I set out to follow the tasks and timetable I had set out for myself.  I know from the experience of “falling off” my schedule and focusing too long on perfecting one project just how cranky and unfulfilled I can feel.  However, I was working on a detailed watercolor painting and the process of being immersed in that project ended up leaving me happy, excited and very satisfied.  Never mind that the tasks I had scheduled for 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock p.m. went unnoticed and (temporarily) fell off my list.

However, to get myself back on track and avoid feeling too guilty, I did work on another CAD rendering for tonight.  My goal with this one was to create quickly and experiment with some new backgrounds and lighting:

Computer Aided Design of Jade, Gold and Onyx Pendant by Joana Miranda

Jade, Onyx and Yellow Gold Pendant CAD Rendering by Joana Miranda

Are the dimensions perfect?


Have I gotten where I want to be with this yet?


Can I feel proud about checking off another one of my tasks for today?



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A Design a Day – Day 303 (Stumbling Along on the Path to Greatness?)

Computer Aided Design Rendering of Geometric Diamond Cocktail Rings

CAD Rendering of Geometric Diamond Cocktail Rings by Joana Miranda

I’m not totally thrilled with today’s CAD rendering for several reasons.  1st, I know that the bead-setting of the diamonds won’t work the way I have rendered them.  2nd, I want the diamonds to sparkle more, but I still haven’t figured out how to make that happen.  Lastly, even though the concept of a geometric cocktail ring is a good one, the edges of these shapes need more beveling and would probably look a lot better with milgrain detailing.  All the same, I’m excited by my progress and am having a ball with the program!


Energy and persistence conquer all things.
(Benjamin Franklin)


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A Design a Day – Day 302 (Continuing on a Quest for Excellence…One Day at a Time)

I played around a bit with the background choices in my CAD rendering for today and noticed that the overall resolution improved.  These gold earrings feature bezel-set emerald cabochon stones and pear shaped pearl drops:

Computer Aided Design of Emerald Chandelier Earring with Pearl Drops by Joana Miranda

CAD Rendering of Gold, Emerald and Pearl Chandelier Earrings by Joana Miranda

And here is a thought for today…

Seek the lofty by reading, hearing and seeing great work at some moment every day.

(Thorton Wilder)


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A Design a Day – Day 301 (Keeping the Focus Organic)

Tonight’s rendering is another CAD project:

Computer aided design rendering for Trellis Vine Pendant by Joana Miranda

CAD Trellis Vine Pendant in Platinum with Diamonds by Joana Miranda

I’m a little frustrated with my gem tools program since I can’t seem to get the gemstones (diamonds, in this case) to sparkle like I’d like.  But the issue may well be an operator (me) problem and not an issue with my program.  In any case, nothing makes me feel more alive and excited than learning, so I’m ready to tackle these new issues head on.

If any of you are familiar with the Rhino 4 and TechGems programs and want to write in and give me suggestions, I’d greatly appreciate any help!

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A Design a Day – Day 300 (Home Stretch to My 365-Day Goal!)

Hard to believe that this will be my 300th day straight of posting a design on my blog!  With the eye to going out with a bang on this project, I’m challenging myself to do as many CAD (computer aided design) renderings  as possible over the next 65 days.  This will be a welcome challenge and I hope to be able to introduce a line of pieces soon from my continued efforts with CAD.  Here is a pendant rendering I just completed:

Computer Aided Design of Small Sterling Silver Trellis Pendant by Joana Miranda

CAD Rendering of Sterling Silver Trellis Pendant by Joana Miranda

And later on tonight I’ll be posting a review of my progress in the 8th week of working through the Empire Building Kit.

Stay tuned!

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