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A Design a Day – Day 214 (With some thoughts on juggling and other risk taking)

…and exhausted. I learned an important lesson some years ago when my brother-in-law taught me to juggle.  The hardest part of juggling, much harder than trying to catch the balls, was actually letting them go.  Until I stopped clutching the balls, I made no progress.  When I finally gave up trying so hard and starting letting go, I learned to juggle.  Even better, the higher I let the balls fly, the more time I had to watch them and gauge where they were going to come down so that I could keep juggling them. My life of late has seen more a pattern of clutching than anything else.  Perhaps that is why I discovered not one, but TWO gray hairs earlier this year. (I plucked them out promptly…) While I’m not really thinking of joining the circus next year, I might take up juggling, and letting go again. What are you going to let go of today?

A Design a Day – Day 205

Today’s design is one I did for one of my most faithful and supportive clients.    Glenda is a colleague and friend at the Milwaukee Symphony.  She was also one of the first people to commission me to make something for her when I was just starting out in business.  She has been a faithful repeat customer, so when she approached me with a cuff link project for her husband’s birthday, I was more than happy to be involved. Glenda and Gary (both terrific musicians) own and run Greenhoe Trombones, a premier manufacturer of trombones and trombone components.  To celebrate Gary’s birthday, Glenda wanted me to design 14K yellow gold cuff links around their company’s logo.  The elegant double-G logo is perfect just as it is, so I came up with the following rough CAD rendering to convey my idea for the cuff link tops: Upon discussion of the type of cuff link backs, overall sizing and receiving Glenda’s approval, the final CAD was reached: The finished cuff links came out beautifully!  And, for my reader’s …