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From My Sketchbook – Week 23

I’m afraid I don’t have much to show from my sketchbook this week, although, if you’re following Joana Miranda Studio on Instagram, you’ll know that I HAVE actually been doing a lot of practice sketches.  But those have been done in my hotel room (thank God for AC!) and from my imagination, not from live subjects.

However, yesterday my husband and I had a lazy day off together in Sarataga Springs, NY where we’re in residence with the New York City Ballet for two weeks.  After a decadent and delicious brunch at Max London’s , we did some window shopping before stopping in for a refreshing iced tea at Putnam Market.  It was there that I whipped out my pen and sketchbook while my husband sat patiently as my model.

He’s even more handsome in real life, of course…

Andy's head side view sketch

(But then again, I’m biased.)


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New Illustration in the Works – A Love Story

My latest illustration is quite a departure from my normal “fashionista” styled drawings.   I’d like to think it’s Josephine in her twilight years – still elegant, still optimistic, and still in love with life (and her soul mate.)

Here’s the preliminary sketch…

old couple sketch

And here’s where I left off for tonight.

old couple in progress

Hope you’ll come back to see how the story ends!

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Kicking Up My Heels – The Artist as Model

I’ve been working on a new illustration and am currently on Draft #3 of the preliminary sketch.  Draft #1 is NOT post-able…

But Draft #2 has some promise.

girl kicking up her heel

(As you can see, I struggled with the angle of the girl’s left foot, though.)

In an attempt to get a better perspective, I had my husband take a picture of me in a similar pose.  My outfit and bed-head ‘do are fashion don’ts, but the photo gave me some needed perspective.

Joana with present blog

And, instead of just tweaking Draft #2, I decided to start over.

Here’s Draft #3.

girl kicking up her heel modeled after Joana

I’ll sleep on these versions before deciding the next step (which will be with my heel kicked up, of course.)


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Drawing from Cyberspace…

When I’m creating a new illustration and need a reference for a particular pose, I often find Google Images to be of vast help.  Case in point, this week I wanted to draw Josephine in a crouching pose.  Google image searches for “woman crouching” yielded many great results and lots of inspiration!

Based on studying the poses, I created a preliminary rough sketch…

Josephine crouching prelim

However, when I imported the sketch into my photo-editing program so that I could “mirror” it to check my lines, I decided it needed an overhaul.  My next version is a better drawing, yet it lost some of the playfulness of the sketch above.  This is one I’ll sleep on for a while before I decide my next move!

Girl with dog shadow blog


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Sketch for Valentine’s-Themed Card by Joana Miranda

I’ve got a fun idea percolating in my head for a new Valentine’s-themed card.  Here is the preliminary sketch…

Valentine Gal for blog

And since I’ve got a little more free time this week than usual, I’m looking forward to making good progress on this project.  I hope you’ll check back soon…

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Chasing Andre – Whimsical Sketch by Joana Miranda

These days I feel a bit like I’m chasing myself…so little time and so much to do.  I guess it’s fitting then that Josephine is doing a little chasing herself…

Whimsical pencil sketch "Chasing Andre" by Joana Miranda


Hopefully, more of the details of this sketch will fall into place tomorrow and a finished version will emerge shortly.  For now, though, I’ll be chasing some Zzzzzs!


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XOX – Whimsical Sketch by Joana Miranda

With Hurricane Sandy hitting the East Coast, my husband and I decided on a mandatory evacuation.  Ok, not really, but our much-anticipated long weekend escape to Block Island, Rhode Island, got replaced by a smarter trip west to visit my parents in Ohio.  While we’re being treated to howling winds and rain here, too, at least we’re warm and safe.  Plus, I have access to my computer and to my parent’s scanner.  Here’s a sketch I did today to help pass the afternoon…

Whimsical pencil sketch "XOX" by Joana Miranda

XOX to all of my readers.  Hope you are warm, dry and safe wherever you are!


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