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Back State-Side and Reminiscing…(Whimsical Pencil Sketch by Joana Miranda)

Although we arrived home from Denmark only yesterday afternoon, my jet-lag seems to be in control already.  I’m back at work teaching, running errands, and catching up with life after having been away for two weeks.  Unfortunately, I haven’t yet been able to solve my computer issue, so I can’t post any photos from my travels yet.

In the meantime, I’m reminiscing about…


Cold but sunny cloudless days in Copenhagen,

Cafes with delicious coffee and pastries,

Quaint cobblestone streets,

Picturesque canals,

Burgers and a beer with my husband on the harbor,

and of course

Fabulous Danish licorice!



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The Paparazzi Are Lurking – New Whimsical Illustration by Joana Miranda

Josephine’s got a new look and she’s getting a lot of attention!  Come back soon to see the illustration in color…

Jo and the paparazzi

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Pencil Sketch for New Flirty and Fun Illustration

In case you’re curious, my illustrations always start from a concept.  Like…





From there I search the web to find photos that will help me create realistic-looking poses for my fashionista, Josephine.  In today’s sketch, I wanted Josephine to look ladylike (but still sexy) as she battled a sudden gust of wind.  The following two images helped to shape my composition:

Girl with a fan

Girl with polkadot skirt blowing in the wind

While this great image gave me the idea to insert a male element to inject a little whimsy and humor as well.

Priest and girl in red dress

Here’s the pencil sketch that evolved…

windy spring day prelim blog

While the composition is still “in-progress”, I’m liking where it’s headed so far.  I’ll be posting the final rendered illustration later this week.  Stay tuned!

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Sketch for Valentine’s-Themed Card by Joana Miranda

I’ve got a fun idea percolating in my head for a new Valentine’s-themed card.  Here is the preliminary sketch…

Valentine Gal for blog

And since I’ve got a little more free time this week than usual, I’m looking forward to making good progress on this project.  I hope you’ll check back soon…

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Surprise! Whimsical Marker and Ink Illustration by Joana Miranda

Surprise! for blog

(5×7 birthday card now available at Joana Miranda Studio at Etsy)


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The Cougar – New and Improved Illustration by Joana Miranda

When I posted this illustration last week….

The Cougar for blog

I knew something didn’t quite look right.  After setting it aside for a few days, I realized that the problem was with the placement of the man in relation to the woman in the foreground.  I wanted him to be trailing behind her at a distance, and that’s why I made him significantly smaller.  However, according to the rules of perspective, the figures should share a common horizontal plane – in this case, their waistlines.  Because this plane was slightly off, the man ended up looking diminutive which was not my original intention.  (I admit, size matters!)

Fortunately, since I’m fairly facile with Corel Paint Shop Pro X5 (my photo editing program), I was able to make the necessary changes in placement digitally.  To do so, I had to separate out each element – the girl, the man and the background – so that I could play around with re-positioning the man in the overall composition.   Once I did this, I created new shadows for the figures, and reassembled the illustration digitally.  Here is the final result…

The Cougar new placement blog

And it’s now available at Joana Miranda Studio at Etsy!


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The Cougar – Whimsical Marker and Ink Illustration by Joana Miranda

Around my various musical performing commitments over the past few days, I’ve been squeezing in work on this illustration.  While there are elements in the execution I’m pleased about, I’m still scratching my head over the perspective.  This might just be one of those labors of love I end up viewing as a “tuition piece.”  In any case, a little distance might just bring some needed clarity and perspective of my own…

The Cougar for blog


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