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From My Sketchbook – Passing Time in Times Square

This past week I played 6 Wicked shows in 4 days…which meant that I had quite a bit of time to kill between shows on the two-service days.  Times Square is a lively place, to say the least, and the people watching is always interesting and often entertaining.  While I could have sketched some of the topless ladies in the “Free Your Breasts/Free Your Mind” parade (or the man on the opposite side of the street with the “Jesus Saves” sign who was indignantly hurling insults at the parade), I chose to sketch some tamer “specimens.”  The open air public park near the Gershwin Theater proved the perfect place to sit and work on some cartoon sketches.  Here’s what caught my eye…

A middle-aged theater goer with her water bottle – 

Middle aged woman sitting in park in Times Square

A young woman happily talking on her cell phone – 

Happy girl on her cell phone

And, a middle-aged Asian man anxiously looking at his cell phone.

Asian man contemplating his cell phone



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My Favorite Things – The Organized Chaos That Is New York

Be it daytime…

Signs in Midtown


Signs in Little Italy

Or Evening…

TSQ Brasserie

This is my kind of chaos!

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My Favorite Things – Times Square at Night

Tonight after meeting a friend in the theater district for a bite to eat, I wandered – actually, ran is more correct since I was trying to stay warm! – around the streets of Times Square where I saw:

Radio City Music Hall all decked out for Christmas…

Radio City

Ornate neon signs…

TSQ Brasserie

And a symphony of reflections.

Olive Garden and reflections

I passed by M&M boulevard…

M and Mms

And this store devoted to (American) chocolate.

Hershey's store in Times Square

Each avenue seemed brighter than the next…

Times Square

Times Square 2

And somehow a little alien, too.

Neon blue




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My Favorite Things – The Colorful Street Encounters of New York City

If I had to sum up what makes me the most happy about living in New York City, I’d say I love…

That walking is always a part of my day 


That the views are never boring!

Yesterday after 5 hours of orchestra rehearsals at the DiMenna Center, I decided to walk home.  With my viola strapped to my back and my camera in hand, I set off on the 60-block trek.

A few moments later I spotted Project Runway All-Stars/Season 1 designer (and inimitable character) Austen Scarlett.  

Austen Scarlett with arrow

(If he hadn’t been walking so fast in the opposite direction, I would have screwed up my courage to ask him to pose for the shot.)

A few blocks later, this wonderful patchwork of varied architectural styles caught my eye.

interesting skyscrapers

Meanwhile, the Chrysler Building seems to be perpetually photogenic.  Today was no different!

Chrysler Building (3)

I was also intrigued by the mish-mash of old and new on this busy street corner.

Busy NYC corner

(The Celtic Pub merited it’s own shot.)

Irish Pub

As a fitting bookend to my journey, I passed by this film crew filming outside a brownstone on the Upper West Side.  They were busy shooting takes for the upcoming ABC Pilot, Murder in Manhattan, starring Annie Potts.  

movie filming

(I can’t be sure, but it sure looks like the woman below is Bridget Regan, who will be playing the character Lex in the show.)


Just another day of life in Manhattan!



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My Favorite Things – New Yorkers With Colorful Hair

Maybe it’s a 2012 Spring trend (take a look at the 2012 Pantone Color Trend forecast here), or just the spirit of Easter, but I’ve been seeing a lot of colorful tresses around New York City recently!

This Cabernet hue caught my eye (for an especially rich look, make sure you pair with orange or yellow)…

Photo of woman with pink hair on street in NYC, taken by Joana Miranda

As did this Cockatoo shade in Midtown.

Photo of Asian woman with teal-colored hair in Midtown Manhattan, taken by Joana Miranda

In the Bronx, Tangerine Tango was “de rigueur”…

Photo of woman with rich "Tangerine Tango" colored hair walking in the Bronx, taken by Joana Miranda

But Solar Power also seemed popular – perhaps this was the start of a hair color intervention convention?

Photo of two women with brightly colored hair in a Bronx doorway, taken by Joana Miranda

Meanwhile, this young girl aptly illustrated the power of primary colors (photo courtesy of my friend Tom)…

Photo of young girl with yellow hair and blue hair bow, taken by Tom Cathey

(While these Lavender tresses were a “spring must-have” against the yellow of the Forsythia!)

Photo of woman with lavender hair walking against yellow forsythia bushes, taken by Joana Miranda

Finally, in Times Square, I spied a shocking shock of Kelly Green.  

Photo of man in Times Square with green mohawk, taken by Joana Miranda

With so many shades to choose from, what will be your hue?


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My Favorite Things – From Times Square to Lincoln Center

Earlier this week, I headed out of the apartment with a subway ticket and my camera in hand.  I didn’t really have a destination, so when I realized I had taken the wrong local train, I wasn’t upset.   I got out at 7th Ave and Broadway and here is what I saw –

A street artist works up his latest masterpiece…

Photo of a NY street artist working on a caricature, taken by Joana Miranda

The view looking south towards Time Square…

Looking south towards Times Square, photo taken by Joana Miranda

And, up at Sean Combs…

Photo of digital billboard with Sean Combs and Ciroc Ad taken in Times Square by Joana Miranda

On the right, a feast of neon…

Times Square cityscape photo taken by Joana Miranda

And, on the left, more neon…

Times Square theatre district, photo taken by Joana Miranda

I was getting hungry, but didn’t have any money with me, so this was as close to candy as I got…

Hershey's Chocolate Palace store in Times Square, photo taken by Joana Miranda

Since it was getting late, I walked north towards Columbus Circle…

Photo of twin towers above Columbus Circle taken by Joana Miranda

Dodged a passing horse and buggy…

Photo of horse and buggy amid traffic in Columbus Circle taken by Joana Miranda

And, gazed at the little blue lights…

Blue tree lights at Columbus Circle, photo taken by Joana Miranda

Through which I got a nice picture of the Trump Plaza Hotel…

Photo of the Trump Plaza Hotel at Columbus Circle taken by Joana Miranda

Then, on to Lincoln Center where I was supposed to meet my husband (he conducts for New York City Ballet, which performs in the David Koch Theatre on the left)…

Lincoln Center at Dusk, photo taken by Joana Miranda

And, was asked to take several pictures of tourists in front of the Metropolitan Opera’s fountain, before everyone cleared away so that I could take this picture!

Photo of fountain in front of the Metropolitan Opera taken by Joana Miranda



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